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We got stiffed by S&S ...it didn't say they didn't pay waiting time in the fine print. They told us afterwards they didn't pay waiting time. We don't have any regular customers that refuse to pay waiting time, my point was don't book anything with S&S unless you want to work for free (waiting time).
We are not working with them any longer. In the past they would push us to run illegal logs, and if you Don't - penalize you with late fees.

I still remember that $300 deduction on the load of meat to Texas from Ken for being "late" ( he tried to push me to deliver Monday AM at TX/MX border with load being picked at Riviere De Loupe QC on Friday at 3 PM) . IF you can run MTL QC - Riviere De loupe QC- Laredo TX ( totaling 2700 Miles ) in 3 days as single - You are Good for them .

Tom would lie about all the pickups and drops , will make you do additional LTL and not pay any extra for that. After completing all of the pickups starting from Miami-Naples-Orlando FLorida on Saturday Tom would tell you to Deliver on Monday at 2 AM in Montreal. If you can't make it in 36- 38 hours - your problem and deduction.

The information they tell you on the phone is not always correct. You may run into completely different hours for pickup and delivery , get screwed all over the place and not get compensated for the delays and extra work.

The chances you will have a flawless and professional run are very slim .
The money will be paid on time, but you can always run same freight with FLS, Traffix or else and not have any major time issues with detentions paid.

Will see how fast they will run out of sub-contractors for both Flatbed and Reefer .
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