RPM Rollforming Limited - Concord, ON


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RPM Rollforming Ltd - 112 Pennsylvania Ave - Concord - 905-660-7655

The above noted shipper sent out a "Foreclosure" notice on August 8, 2011.

I was advised today - over 6 months later - they are still open and operating.

Is anyone currently handling their loads? Did anyone else here receive this letter also?

Any information would be appreciated.


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Interesting discussion with an employee at RPM Rollforming....

Apparently this "foreclosure of all assets" at RPM never happened. It was meant clearly as a "go away" to all those owed monies....

The calls have started again to RPM by those owed - word is out they are still in business. This particular employee was a "fountain of information"....

The "Director" of the company - who signed the foreclosure letter - does not exist. The employee had never heard of his name before. The owner is Yousif Abachi I was advised.

Monies owed to us are under $1000 - this will be a legal filing based on principle. I advise anyone else who is owed funds by this completely unethical company to do the same.


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Just an update to this old thread.

RPM Rollforming never did close. For those they burned due to "business closure" and the letter they sent around to all their vendors claiming they were bankrupt - they are still operating in Concord.

You can find them at 101 Spinnaker Way, Concord ON 905-660-7655 or 416-665-7655.

If anyone is still shipping/dealing with this unethical outfit - I'll tell you why you shouldn't. You'll never get any straight answers about this company or why they're not paying you when things go south. You'll likely just receive another regurgitated letter.

Lesson learned - a business closure with a proper bankruptcy means just that. Official legal documents and creditors outlined with who is owed monies. All this outfit did was send a letter then go underground for awhile - avoiding paying hard working companies until they went away and gave up trying to collect. Now they've resurrected with a new address and will likely do the exact same thing. It's just a matter of time.

Don't let it happen to you.



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