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When seeking payment status from Royal Truck today we were told to call back next week, which will put them close to 60 days...

I decided to give the paperwork a second look after what Cachou mentioned, and I see another carrier's name listed on the BOL....

Not assuming anything just yet, but getting a little suspicious...


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Definitely a double broker operation, Had a client that was lured in by low rates and gave them a couple of loads, Trucks showed up late on pick ups and mysteriously couldn't be tracked or traced while on route and showed up minimum 24 hours late. Customer said always a different name on the tractors doors. They will not be used again.


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Thanks for helping to confirm my suspicion guys...

I have contacted the company listed as the carrier on this load to begin a conversation with them... They are a very large and reputable US based operation.

They worked with me to confirm the details of the load as one of theirs, and that they had brokered it to Royal Truck Terminal to move.

They also informed me that they paid Royal Truck for the load in early January.

I am going to contact Royal next Friday, when they said we should call back, and we'll see if they are ready to pay...

In the meantime... Welcome to my DNU list!


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So, after a discussion with the company listed as the carrier, I heard back from Raj at Royal Truck Terminal last Friday.

He offered to pay me by "E-Transfer" (his words) ... so I gave him my banking info and he says for some reason he can't e-transfer into that bank... o_O

Raj then tells me he's going to have to withdraw cash and take it over to my bank... umm.... ok...

Then Raj says, and I quote "i will do over week end or before 11 on monday" ( this was all over email... )

Of course, here we are on Tuesday morning and there have been no mysterious transfers into my account, cash or otherwise...

I'm going to be a real PITA today for Raj...
Why would he need your bank info for an E Transfer? He would only require your email address.
Yeah... I thought that was weird too... I have used e-transfers before with a personal account, but haven't heard of anyone using it for a b2b transaction...

He already had my email address, as all of our correspondence has been by email...

I gave him my banking info, just in case he was talking about EFT and just calling it e-transfer...

So, he has all the info he would need to send me the money...


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Had a similar situation, got paid but late. It's he small companies that worrie me. Sad to say it most are double brokers- very few have direct clients.


Anyone have any recent info on Royal Truck Terminal...I got a friend who's looking for this guy to collect payment
Royal truck terminal closed and opened up PTS Transport Ltd. Same guy Raj Felix is there. 905 848 4591. Good luck.
Hi Team

sorry for the inconvenience ...
we have had some issues with HG transport from Montreal - they have filled Bankruptcy with an almost of 30000.00 $ of our money
now we are in a good shape and each and every carrier who did haul our loads are getting paid
also we are still in operation and with a good financial back round -----We are not affiliated with any other companies
after reading the threads below, I do have concerns about your company and double brokering. It seems that you have a history of double brokering loads and getting into 'hot waters' as a result. Can you tell us how many trucks your company actually owns and runs?
I'm also trying to collect payment from "Raj Franklin”. I booked a load with Royal Truck Terminal and hauled it on December 27, 2016, and delivered it on Dec. 28, 2016.

I've tried to collect payment from "Raj Franklin” numerous times. In one instance when I asked for payment to Royal Truck Ltd.`s dispatch, he told me they have not received documentation. I once again provided the documents via email, and he promised they would make a payment soon.

In another instance, he asked me to come to their office location. When I went to the company`s address at 264-7025 Tomken Rd in Mississauga, I saw a sign for another company. After this, I suspected the above address is not the company`s legitimate address.

It’s now November 2017, almost 1 year after I hauled the load and they still haven’t paid me.

Raj: If you are still active and you’re claiming all your carriers have been paid, pay me as well!

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