Riteway Solutions - Toronto, ON

I am looking for any other number or any help on locating the above.

I have them located at:

3615-9 Weston Road
Toronto, Ontario
M9L 1V8

Phone number's I have are 905-846-7483 and 905-846-7466.

Any help on this would be great.
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I just called and they answered actually it was 1 lady seemingly stressed out, she said she would call back when we would receive payment. I will let you know if she does or not.


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Our factoring company has them "on hold" after only 2 invoices..... not a good sign.
Their billing address is listed as:
10-8550 TORBRAM RD
PO Box 402
Brampton, ON L6T 0H7
email: ritewaysolutions@gmail.com
Last payment made March 23, 2015. Chq #4. Someone, somewhere, is paying the bills.

If you google the fax number 905-846-7466 it gives a residential phone number:
A Kerber
Phone: (905) 846-7466
18 El Camino Way
Brampton, ON L7A3C4

The company website says phone number is 905-846-7883

If you google 905-846-7483, it gives Rite Way Solutions - Brampton AND Hasty Market - Brampton

The only consistent thing is that they seem to like Brampton.
Looks fishy - best of luck!


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I googled 18 El Camino Way and it is just down the street from Hasty Market on Sandalwood Pkwy in Brampton. Most likely the same people.
Paid us in 107 & 105 days, lots of chasing for payment, invoices were under $500.00. I think this explains a lot about these guys!
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just gave these guys a couple of loads and all of them were 2 - 3 days late - ON LOCAL . seems like they are probably getting fined which might be why they aren't paying bills on time. lots of excuses about multiple breakdowns, etc... lied about times of truck leaving ... hit our DNU list very fast and I think we are pretty forgiving under most circumstances.... I would be concerned about the state of their equipment with all the breakdowns i'm hearing about.

too bad ... seemed like really nice people at first...
Blank webpage ... no authority. Ruh-roh.
Ruh-Roh indeed sir...

I have now been in touch with them. The phone seems to be busy quite a bit so it was difficult getting through.

I have been told that my cheque has been printed and is just awaiting signing. They are to contact me for pickup tomorrow.
After a couple days of calling and waiting for this cheque to be signed, I was able to talk to Chantelle today who told me my cheque was mailed on Monday...

Of course it was mailed, I told them I wanted to send in a courier when ready...
Thanks for the reply Blondie, and sorry you still haven't been paid.

So, my cheque that was apparently mailed Monday has not arrived here and it is now Friday. I did receive mail from another province that was sent last Friday, so I am quite sure this is not a mail delivery problem as they are suggesting. Their office address, which by the way is a post office box in a strip mall, is a mere 1 hour drive from my office...

Very weird over there at Riteway Solutions... They seem to answer the phone sometimes, but not every time. When they don't answer you can let it ring as long as you like, there is no automated system or voicemail in place. Chantelle, who answers the phone and is the person providing payment information to me, seems quite flustered and like she is a one-armed wallpaper hanger or something...

I requested my cheque be stopped and reissued so I could pick it up as originally arranged. Chantelle told me she is the only one in the office and can't sign cheques. She offered to have the owner of the company, Chris Campbell, call me back today when I told her I would be contacting the shipper, receiver, etc...
So, the owner Chris Campbell never did call me. Shows how much he cares about his business I guess...

I did finally receive payment at day 70 as the cheque arrived by mail on Monday this week.

This company has been added to my DNU list obviously...
Sorry for the delay, but never did get our money.
Hey Blondie,

If you still haven't been paid, I think there is a chance for you as they seem to have had money to pay me.

You just need to keep up the pressure, call them everyday, call their customer everyday, and hound the crap out of them... You might get your money then...

Unfortunately you cannot just show up at their door and start pounding, as their head office address is a post office box inside a printing store.

Good luck!


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Does anyone have a physical address for them. They have a skid of ours 2 days late and they don't have a truck today! I want to pick it up but don't know where they are located
and Chantelle is not answering the phone again.


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