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don't use them, run for your life. You don't have a customer patient enough to deal with their complete lack of attention to communication, honesty, or any semblance of integrity

Jim L

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Their MC was revoked in 2015 and then re-instated shortly afterwards. From experience I know this company has very close ties to RJ Expedite. I can't figure out how because they have different incorporated companies but I'd be careful.

Look them up on SAFER - https://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/query.asp
RJ Expedite USDOT 2120822
Right Service Right Choice USDOT 2294033

Previous threads on RJ
Just had my dispatch ask me about this company, Right Service Right Choice...

Thanks for the info, for those who posted below...

Names associated with Right Service Right Choice were: Gaurar, Inder, Iqbal, Deep, and a Shannon Blakely...

After reading this thread and the RJ Expedite ones posted by JimL, I have decided not to move this load for them...


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I see their equipment almost daily in the area near our terminal (between Steeles / Derry & Dixie / Airport).

Average looking stuff (nothing fancy).
we use them now and then - probably 5- 6 loads a month to the Texas area. For the most part, they are pretty good. Just build in a bit of extra on days for LTL and you will be fine. Their rates are by far cheaper than 80 % of the industry.


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