RGTC Toronto?

My dispatch team is receiving a lot of calls from RGTC in the past few days.
Does anyone have experience with them as they are wanting some east coast freight?
If you want proof that he is a fraud, go to rgtctrucking.com and look at his credit application. Then go to swifttrans.com and look at theirs.
He copied their entire site and claims to be the owner of transmex, and a bunch of other companies which he is not. I spoke to one of the CIO's from swift and showed them this. I believe there is a ciest and desist on him right now. DNU for sure ... He stiffed my company and many others....
Thank you @Mechanic I contacted 1729900 Ontario myself not realizing it was RGTC so figured I'd post here as I had ready about 'Ricky' previously. Wanted to make sure before even attempting to send anything his way.

Thanks again !


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@Nawk how about this from their History page

RGTC Trucking™ CANADA Transportation began operations in 1966 transporting imported steel through the ports of Los Angeles to Arizona and Arizona cotton for export back through to Southern California.
Jerry Moyes, founder, began with the same entrepreneurial, can-do spirit that is one of RGTC Trucking™ CANADA’s core values today. The original operation was conducted under the name of Common Market. Operating authority was purchased from a descendant of the RGTC Trucking™ CANADA Meat Packing family, hence, today’s name of RGTC Trucking™ CANADA Transportation. Jerry, with his father, brother and a partner, grew the business, with typical start up challenges, to a $25 million annual revenue in 1984. With the passing of Jerry’s father, Carl Moyes, Jerry became the sole owner. By 1990, RGTC Trucking™ CANADA had grown to a $125 million carrier with 800 trucks. RGTC Trucking™ CANADA’s significant revenue growth is attributable to internal growth with existing customers as well as acquisitions. Since 1988, RGTC Trucking™ CANADA has acquired 13 different motor carriers. Today, RGTC Trucking™ CANADA generates over $4 billion in revenue and operates nearly 20,000 trucks.
RGTC Trucking™ CANADA’s terminal network has grown to over forty full service facilities in both the continental United States and Mexico. RGTC Trucking™ CANADA owns 100% of Trans-Mex, a Nuevo Laredo, Mexico based carrier. RGTC Trucking™ CANADA offers border crossing services at all major Mexican border crossings. RGTC Trucking™ CANADA maintains a presence in every Canadian province each day. RGTC Trucking™ CANADA is unquestionably the largest full-truckload motor carrier in North America.


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Jerry Moyes huh? I've heard that name somewhere before - LOL.

These crooks are not in our system (thankfully)... I feel a little bit sorry for the coordinator that (if one ever does) brings me their carrier package to approve.

Yeah. I searched all this stuff out before contacting swift in Pheonix Arizona, they were flabbergasted that this was happening. Please gents make sure no posts are criminating to Swift. This is a fraudulent act on the part of "RGTC, 1729900 Ontario Inc, Ricky's group, or Ricky Liu" NOT swift transport.

We lost a bunch of money for the service call we went on, but just want this fraud exposed and penalized.

This forum is what led to us catching this guy, which is why I'm now a donating member. Thanks again Inside Transport!
It isn't. This is a foot rub place inside China Town Toronto. Apparently parks his trucks near Mississauga somewhere. But who knows.... It's all bullshit anyway.... sometimes I wonder what he actually trucks though.


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