Rex Freight - Brampton, ON

any connection to "Route 99 Logistics" (broker)? Almost gave Rex Freight Inc. (carrier) a load today but was a bit suspicious since the contacts/address at Route 99 Logistics are the same?
I had them load at a shipper in March 2016 that requires the carrier name before loading, also their PARS showed REX Freight, was an outbound ltl, they did a good job. Nothing looks suspicious and my shipper would have called regarding the name on the door. Could be 2 businesses being run by the same person? My contact was also Ruby.
Rex freight inc . ..
Ruby BassI
don't work with this company Ruby is such a big fraud... specially oversize loads she make fake permits. I used to work with them as a owner operator and I quit within 8 month... stealing money from original confirmation making fake confirmation. fake permits brokers and owner operators please be careful .... Ruby from Rex one of the worst name in trucking industry ..... be careful
so a carrier/brokerage run by the same person, fake os/ow permits if cool it is not lying, and changing rate confirmations for owner-ops.

glad I stayed away from this one.


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