Reefer Carriers moving Chocolate 55-65 F


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Can anyone recommend a Carrier that runs temps of 55-65F or close to that? Product is Chocolate Chips/Powders/Ingredients. Need LTL service from the GTA to the US Midwest as well as California and Prairies/BC.

Tried Erb, Ursus, Highlight out of Ontario with no luck. Can't move this at the typical Fresh temps - has to be over 50F and can't get warm. Open to any recommendations or feedback.

Thanks in advance,


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Your right of course, but someone has to be filling this niche. We can find carriers to do these temps on some lanes, which leads me to believe that there is a market for it - albeit a small one.
Perhaps I won't find a carrier that can do it all, but with a little luck a regional carrier might get recommended and we can eventually piece together a network.

Thanks for responding.


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