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Recommendations for dispatch software

Discussion in 'Business Strategy' started by ed1, Jul 13, 2016.

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  1. lowmiler88

    lowmiler88 Site Supporter

    Truckmate is what we use covers pretty much everything you need and allows you to grow. We are going on 5 years and don't really see us outgrowing it.
  2. ed1

    ed1 Member

    Is anybody familiar with truck mate
  3. TransAction

    TransAction Active Member

    We are just finishing up developing our own as we could never find anything to fit our exact needs. It's pretty slick and we are excited to roll it out. Ed, call me if you want some more info on going in this direction. 647-258-4404 x 601
  4. ed1

    ed1 Member

    Justinb call me 6476203500
  5. Justinb

    Justinb New Member

    We are just releasing out new end to end TMS product and looking to get some early customers (cheap!) to work close with.
  6. thebluffs1

    thebluffs1 Site Supporter

    We use Fleet Manager as well - and I can attest to what Rob says - if he can use it....

    peanut gallery shutting up now
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  7. aaaa

    aaaa Member

    We use Fleet Manager by Transplus as well. It fits our needs very well from the truck and brokerage side.
  8. Rob

    Rob Site Supporter

    We use fleet Manager and if I can use it I am sure you could train a pet monkey to use it.

    No comments needed from the peanut galley please, I am sensitive today...
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  9. jonny-chicken

    jonny-chicken Site Supporter

    We currently use Transcore Link Dispatch TL... It's alright...

    Looked at Axon a couple years ago... Looked pretty sweet... But much more than we would consider spending...
  10. ed1

    ed1 Member

    We are looking to change our dispatch program what are your recommendations

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