Recommendations for dispatch software

We currently use Transcore Link Dispatch TL... It's alright...

Looked at Axon a couple years ago... Looked pretty sweet... But much more than we would consider spending...


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We use fleet Manager and if I can use it I am sure you could train a pet monkey to use it.

No comments needed from the peanut galley please, I am sensitive today...

We use Fleet Manager as well - and I can attest to what Rob says - if he can use it....

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We are just finishing up developing our own as we could never find anything to fit our exact needs. It's pretty slick and we are excited to roll it out. Ed, call me if you want some more info on going in this direction. 647-258-4404 x 601


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Truckmate is what we use covers pretty much everything you need and allows you to grow. We are going on 5 years and don't really see us outgrowing it.


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