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Dealt with Dana a few times. Last time was October of last year.
No problems with any shipments. Would use again without hesitation.


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Used Raiko several times in the past, never had any issue at all.
Great communication, great service.

Using on a regular basis.

That Dana is a bit of a hounder... They did a load for me in late October, we received the invoice Nov. 2, and it is scheduled for EFT payment on Dec. 15... 43 days after receipt, not bad I think...

She was upset that the invoice had not been paid at exactly 30 days, and gave one of my staff members a hard time about it...

My staff calmly explained that we schedule payments 30 days after receipt of invoice and that we do our EFT payments in batches on the 15th and end of the month.

Dana seemed surprised that we do our payments in batches and suggested that she processes payments every single day when she brokers loads... haahaahaa... right...

No big deal... she is getting paid tomorrow, just thought it was a weird experience... Wish the call had been transferred to me... :cool: haahahaa..


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