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Hello All,
When you import data from the FMCSA about your companies SMS score and all the violation history for the trucks is there a easy way to make a spread sheet for your own calculation of the scores. If there is then what calculation are you using. I have downloaded the company snapshot from safer trying to make sense of it to make a spread sheet for my self and do it the easy way so we have an idea of where we need to improve and how many points will be added or taken off. If anyone of you have done this before please advice the easy way if any.


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We use a company called Vigillo, every month we get our updated SMS score plus we get each individual driver records. It gives you a list of which driver is the biggest threat to your record and possible crash statistics. It gives us all the inspections, how long they take and even goes to the root cause of the points that your drivers get ie: was it at a scale or something they did. Generally it is something they did which then allows you to have an intelligent conversation with the driver and they can see the effect they are having to the company and to themselves. It is very cool and will help you safety record in the long run which will help your insurance costs. I just wish MTO would go to something simuliar that can be downloaded and analyzed.


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