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Polaris top carrier for 2008

Discussion in 'NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION BROKERS ASSOCIATION' started by lowmiler88, May 15, 2009.

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  1. polaris

    polaris Member

    Thank you!
    That's why we don't have or need a sales department.
  2. misto27

    misto27 Site Supporter

    Agree!! Used to do a lot of work at my other place with Polaris, many many shipments a week.
    Trying to do the same here!
  3. crosgre

    crosgre Member

    Top notch Larry!
  4. polaris

    polaris Member

    Thank you Mike and Freight Broker!
    It's always been a pleasure to work with you.
    A lot of years too..........
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  5. Freight Broker

    Freight Broker Well-Known Member

    I agree... great people to work with.
  6. MikeJr

    MikeJr Moderator Staff Member

    Top Carrier since 2008 several times in my books and all around good people.

    Larry - Bless you and you know I'm in for a few shipments May 12th.

    On Thursday, May 12th, Polaris will be donating $10.00 to the Canadian Red Cross for every shipment booked with us.

    We ask that you please join us by matching our donation by clicking the button below. As always, you can book your shipments with our customer care team at 1.800.409.2269 or

    Thank You,
    Larry Cox
    President, Polaris Transportation Group

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  7. lowmiler88

    lowmiler88 Site Supporter

    Pablo I'm right there with you and I will bring it up for sure and let you know what happens. Have a good long weekend.
  8. Pablo

    Pablo Site Supporter



    If you're going to raise the topic of the NTBA at th next OTA meeting, I think you could raise some benefits of working with the NTBA with the board.

    Just like the OTA tries to regulate it's members to improve the industry, so does the NTBA. Why not work with them to try and build bridges between brokers and carriers. NTBA members could agree to a set of condidtions for membership. The OTA could work with the NTBA to develop a set of business practises that are beneficial to both carriers and brokers. Carriers who do business with NTBA members could be assured of fair and equitable business practices as agreed between the OTA and the NTBA. I get that there are a lot of difficult issues here, but not impossible to hammer out.

    Brokers and Carriers are both stakeholders in this industry and have a vested interest in it being profitable and fair for both our types of businesses. Working together could help achieve that goal. While I'm not part of the board of the NTBA, I'm sure they would agree with my sentiments.

    For years there has been so much animosity between carriers and brokers. Your chair's attendance at the NTBA meeting sure was a refreshing change. Let's keep it going.
  9. Pablo

    Pablo Site Supporter


    My appologies, Chair of the OTA
  10. lowmiler88

    lowmiler88 Site Supporter

    Hi Pablo, your comments about how she the President of the OTA didn't even know the NTBA existed are interesting since the the President of the OTA is David Bradley so I guess the not knowing works both ways.
    That being said I am a board member with the OTA and I will bring this up at the next meeting because I do agree with you in that we need to work closely together to make this a better industry. I think the NTBA is a great association.
  11. Pablo

    Pablo Site Supporter

    Nice to see OTA there.

    While it was nice to see the OTA at the broker meeting yesterday, it was clear how far we still have to go. The President of the OTA commented that she didn't even know we existed before we contacted her. She also commented that we "must be the 'classy' brokers" Overall, I think she did a great job in addressing the association, but it was clear we have a long way to go to foster true partnerships between carriers and brokers.

    I would hope that she uses her tenure to help this situation.
  12. NTBA

    NTBA New Member

    Polaris Transport Carriers Inc won the Platinum Award for being voted the top carrier for 2008 by the membership of the National Transportation Brokers Association May 7, 2009.

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