Please Sticky This!!! Good Payers List

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Good Payers

That's a good idea, posting good payers.
Another good idea I think would be for you to become a good payer too, since you've been a member for a year now, and have yet to donate to keep this site going.

Sevana Ex

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I think this is an awesome idea!!

However, I would suggest that the brokers be nominated first and be subjected to some kind of approval before being added to the "Gold" list.

We could probably do the same for bad payers too?

This will serve as a one stop shopping list when you want to see who pays and who doesn't.

It will be much easier than surfing the threads.


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Oh so you do want to use this site Roca........which is it either you are in or you are out? I would suggest that the simplest solution is if you want to use this site pay for it or if you do not then go on some other chat site and impart you knowledge and be a full time MC# checker there.


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Let's all start a list of good paying brokers, name them, the city they are from and terms.

here is my first.

G. Roch - Montreal - 7-14 days.

Hey Roca do you want to explain this post in March 2010. Even in your own words you say they are bad. What's Up with that? Maybe you are G Roch. hmmmm


and the fact that they pay on time, actually pretty quick, 7-14 days I believe, still makes them a bad broker?


No that was a question, lets please keep this clean and just list brokers with proven payment terms in the new thread.
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