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Patriot Freight Services - 455 Fenelon Blvd - Dorval

Anyone currently dealing with Patriot and receiving payments? I had issues with them in the past - Terry was A/P. They are now owned by Transforce apparently. Can anyone add details or info?

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Paul Shteyn

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I been working with them for years, at one point in the past i was experiencing some delays but so far have not had to make any calls to get payment.
Patriot Freight

Patriot is the Canadian Division, Boomerang is their US division. Both divisions are very slow at paying. Last time I used them they were sitting at 160 days, cut them off...Mind you I don't know if my previous employer is using them again as one of the dispatchers seemed to really like the way they were flirted with on the phone...


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Careful Roadrunner I use to think that also but this is the second Transforce Company in a week that has made this site, I'm not saying anything is going on but always remember the bigger they are the harder they fall.
I'm surprised that they're still around. From what I remember their rates were as good as Traffic Tech's and C.H. Robinson's, only they were slow to pay to boot. I forget who it was on another thread that said carriers are their own worst enemy. In this case if you read all the posts and still use them the addage is true. I would personally stay away from them considering all the delays in payment I am seeing here.


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We did a load for them and they paid in 19 days, the only issue is that it was supposed to be in US$ and they paid Canadian and it now seems to be an issue. I don't think there is a lot to be worried as they are a Transforce Company.


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