OPDI - Ontario Potato Alliston

We moved a load for them, their client fined them for incorrect load brought it, they find us in return. we brought the po they sent on the confirmation, but since there is no one to pay the bill, we were deducted automatically. Very unfortunate way of doing business> penalize the truck when at fault, penalize the truck when not at fault. All because there is no accountability.
Unfortunately we would like to say that we look for valuable relationships, each partner responsible for their own failures, sometimes you win sometimes you lose.

"The shortage is real" and its too bad it is not calculable what they will lose not having those carriers move the loads hey make the money back in two fold in one shot.

oh well ... and before you know it, the industry takes a turn, and we ask.... who is OPDI>?
This is par for the course in produce.
aha I see, Carrier is responsible for its mistakes, and Carrier is responsible for Brokers mistakes. Your right, but its still sad. The best a carrier can do is make the best of the relationships that operate in the most fair manner. :(


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