Ontario based 3PL. How can I ensure I am charging the correct sales tax on shipments within Canada


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For shipments within Canada, you charge the HST applicable to the Province of the destination. I don't have the website at my fingertips, but surely the Revenue Canada site will have that information.


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within Canada you simply need to charge the tax of the destination province, ON to QC 5%, QC to ON 13%

but be careful QC to QC ads that 9.975%

we have a fairly simple sheet to help with that.

email me and I'll send it to you

No the broker does.
Thanks Rob.

The wording on the CRA website is hard on the eyes... Wasn't sure I was interpreting it correctly.

The way I read it on the CRA site was that I should be charging HST on all loads that do not cross an international border...

except... I should not charge HST on loads that cross an international border and are part of a "continuous freight movement"... Meaning, if the load crossed the border being hauled by another carrier either before or after I moved it.


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