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One Floral Group / Flower Group:
2350 Fourth Ave
PO Box 188
Jordan Station ON L0R 1S0

Holding $20K owing. Citing a claim on a load for $6,000 but in order for us to forfeit the $6,000 that we do not agree to, they will hold the full 20,000 owing.

Note: claims with this company will result in full non payment of any amounts owing, even if the amount owing far exceeds the claim.
Appears so. Unfortunately holding for a claim isn't the best business practice, albeit it happens, but holding triple to force one to forfeit for a claim is simply bad business. Warning others of the business practice of this company.


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they've been dirty for ever...I got shafted by them when Lakeside handled their freight - talk about a match made in heaven - two wrongs certainly don't make a right in that relationship


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