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Omega Lift - Bolton

Discussion in 'Good & Bad Shippers/Recievers' started by loaders, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. loaders

    loaders Site Supporter

    Without a doubt, probably the most slimy, dishonest, criminal customer that I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. The only good thing that came out of our brief business dealings, was watching the look on his face when the Small Claims Court judge ruled in our favour. Perhaps the most disturbing thing was that the owners all had small children. Image the life lessons and parental guidance they must have received!
  2. lowmiler88

    lowmiler88 Site Supporter

    They would have been borrowing inventory but my guess would be the bank was not verifying the inventory like they should have been and that's how it got so out of whack.
  3. PackRat

    PackRat Site Supporter

    It just goes to show you white collar crime does one get almost 11mil in the whole without the bank noticing??? I would say there is a corporation listed in Panama with almost 11mil in it.......SFP!
  4. keyfactor1

    keyfactor1 Member

  5. loaders

    loaders Site Supporter

    I hate to wish ill on anyone, but in this case I will make an exception! Hopefully they didn't take too many other people down with them. I guess you can screw people for only so long before it bites you back, real hard. Good riddance to some very bad actors.
  6. RobsanT

    RobsanT Member

    This was me warning people waaaaaaaaayyyyyy back in 2011 and yet people still did business with them.....SMH
  7. keyfactor1

    keyfactor1 Member

  8. loaders

    loaders Site Supporter

    We did get paid in full about 60 days after receiving the judgement from Small Claims Court. We had to get a court order to garnishee their bank account. I'm sure without it, they would have stalled and delayed. Absolute crooks, who should be avoided like the plague.
  9. keyfactor1

    keyfactor1 Member

    Any luck on getting money collected from Omega?
  10. loaders

    loaders Site Supporter

    Glad to hear that you were finally paid. Yes, they make a big deal out of their "awards". The only award they should get is Liar and Cheat of the Year! I wish I could find out who they're using now and warn them of the problems they will face eventually in getting piad.
  11. keyfactor1

    keyfactor1 Member

    We had our own lovely experience with Omega and were owed a lot of money. Took almost a year to get it. I am so happy to hear you got a judgement, that is awesome! Hopefully they pay up for you soon. Bad people Omega. They run bills up with many carriers and use us as credit to operate their business; while driving fancy cars and getting Caledon business of the year! If anyone else here is owed money you should threaten to bill their customers, this worked for us. Mind you it did take a while.
  12. loaders

    loaders Site Supporter

    Just a quick update on this deadbeat. Had our day in court yesterday and the judge saw through the web of lies this fellow tried to spin and as a result, we received a judgement for the entire amount owed plus costs. Granted, it's only a judgement and not a cheque, but watching his face as the judge read the decision was priceless. A reminder to all brokers and carriers, do not even think about dealing with Omega Lift, Bolton On.. For anyone that is working for them and would like more information, please PM me.
  13. Salma

    Salma Active Member

    Do their customers know about this? In most cases, no more customers = payment.
  14. loaders

    loaders Site Supporter

    Scheduled for Small Claims Court this summer. Unbelievable company to deal with. If you want to be paid for your work, do not, I repeat, do not work for this firm. How they stay in business is a mystery to me.
  15. JTruck

    JTruck New Member

    Took us over 8 months to get paid. Stay away


    I was also doing quotes for them and heard from a couple different companies that they dont pay. Lets just say I ignore the quote requests now.
  17. Finnertyequip

    Finnertyequip Member

    Yes, stay away from these guys, have been trying to collect for almost 2 years.
  18. They were into Finnerty for well over $30G stay away.
  19. loaders

    loaders Site Supporter

    Has any member had a problem getting paid from Omega Lift, Bolton, On.?
    We have just moved a few loads for them but I have recently heard from another transport provider, that they are slow payers. Does anyone have any past experiences with this shipper? Your responses are very much appreciated.

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