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Oct 22 Bill of Lading Act

Discussion in 'NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION BROKERS ASSOCIATION' started by loaders, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. loaders

    loaders Site Supporter

    The NTBA/Delta Nu Alpha joint dinner meetings are held a couple of times a year. Each meeting usually has a guest speaker of interest to the transportation industry. There are no plans that I am aware of to repeat this topic in the near future. However, if there was signifcant demand, perhaps either the NTBA on its own, or even the OTA, could present this same topic. Based on the NTBA posting, it looks like something we all should attend. A good opportunity to ask the same questions that constantly keep coming up on this website.
  2. pitbull99

    pitbull99 Site Supporter

    Another date

    Do you know if they will be offering this at another date other than Oct 22?
  3. NTBA

    NTBA New Member

    We've all heard the Bill of Lading Act referred to but what does the Act really say and how does it affect freight brokers, carriers and your customers?

    Do you know the answers to these questions?

    Does the Act mean the shipper is liable for freight charges if the consignee does not pay?

    Does the Act mean the shipper is liable for freight charges if the broker does not pay?

    Can a freight broker seek payment from the consignee if the shipper doesn't pay?

    Can a freight broker sue a carrier for an unpaid damage claim to the shipper?
    Is a consignee bound to the conditions of the shipper's bill of lading even though they did not sign the originating bill of lading?

    What is the Ontario Mercantile Law Amendment Act and how does it defer to the Bill of Lading Act?


    Mark Thursday evening, Oct. 22nd on your calendar! The NTBA in conjunction with the Delta Nu Alpha is pleased to announce that noted transportation lawyer Gordon Hearn of Fernandes Hearn LLP will speak to the Bill of Lading Act and answer your questions as to how it impacts our industry and your business.

    contact for more info and cost

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