NTBA LEGAL CLINIC - June 9, 2011 in Mississauga

The NTBA is pleased to host another informative evening on Thursday, June 9, 2011 in Mississauga. The NTBA Legal Clinic will feature two expert speakers who will make a presentation detailing when and how you should go to small claims court ... how you can do it yourself and when to hire a professional. The evening will start with a cash bar at 6PM followed by a BBQ dinner at 7 PM and presentation after dinner. You MUST pre-register for this event. NTBA members are FREE and guests are $60. Visit www.ntba-brokers.com for a registration form. The event info is half way down the webpage on the left hand side with a link to the registration form.
All transportation industry community members are welcome!
For those of us that cannot attend, is there any way that somewhere, somehow, someone can publish these presentations or have information from this meeting?


Staff member
Moose - I'm sure you can become an NTBA member and then access the 'members only section' of their website that include notes, papers and documents from such presentations. Let me know if you can't find their contact information and I'll gladly look it up (it's here somewhere)...

Alternatively you may have a copy of my notes which you will find are unfortunately illegible. I should have gone into medicine with my writing..

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