Normerica Logistics Corp.

Michael Ludwig

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Here's how it will go ... especially if you are a smaller carrier ...
The loads will come like gangbusters to begin with, but the money will get slower and slower, and slower. The more you complain about not getting paid, the fewer loads you will get. Finally, they will owe you a lot of money and you won't be getting any loads.

What I find absolutely hilarious about them is their main logistics guy likes to brag about his having to look after 600 loads a week (that's less than 100 loads a day boys and girls). Hell, I know people that do that in the morning, go out and shoot a round of golf, then do it again in the afternoon, and they don't have 1/100th of the problems this guy has ... it's Kitty Litter, not donor organs ... ROFLMFAO !!!


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