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You're lucky. She's at 15 months now for 2 loads I hauled to Vancouver for her. She just laughs in your face and hangs up...
BLACKMAIL!!! Freight got damaged in transit, of course not their fault, charged us 10' of trailer space when it took 7', didn't want to accept responsability for anything, and when I approched the issue, well I was treated like a theif. They were convinced that I was going to cut their bill (now I wonder why they get bills cut!?!), so they damanded payment before delivery...and the delivery was very important so Karen had the upper hand! Send a complaint to Loadlink (complaints@linklogi.com)


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Freight got damaged in transit
In case of a cargo damage during transit, cargo owner has the right to file a claim within 60 days of delivery against carrier insurance policy. Freight charges has to be paid in full prior to claim filing. I am not a fan of NJ, did not like the attitude we got from Karen ending up placing NJ on our DNU.


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A common misconception economy, but no, the freight bill does not have to be paid prior to the freight claim being filed. The freight charges must be paid before the claim is settled or finalized. The carrier is obligated to begin an investigation of the claim as soon as they receive an intent to claim notification. This is required regardless if they feel they are responsible or not. The freight charges are a part of the claim just like the repair or replacement of the damaged goods.
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hi Folks, thank you all for this post, i was just about to give them a load, but obviously changed my mind after researching them now.
Recently we did shipment for them. pick up load ON to AB and BC. Shipment pick up NOV/23 and cheque received on DEC/27. But we always ask at the time of booking ( last one in March/2017) that we need to get paid in 30-40 days and she has paid us with in that. We might be just lucky then. Yes, we dealt with Karen.
We did several local P&D's around the Brampton area, took over 90 days to get paid, got a total run around, "Cheque is in the mail", "we sent it weeks ago, will cancel and send new one" etc...... will not service them again.
I spoke to Kara @ NJ Transport, a very RUDE lady. They did a load for us from US, I asked for the ACI manifest, she refused to provide us one. In fact she is saying that we are the first one to ask for the stamped paper and ACI manifest in last 10 years. In DO NOT USE LIST. Blocked her. She was even giving me threat that she will collect the money directly from my customer. BEWARE!!!!!!!
i used NJ transport on a load from richmond bc to ontario , they took a full load 25 pallets and split onto 2 trucks demanded payment from me and the customer before they delivered the load , asked for money transfer and then demanded cash , these people should not be allowed to do business ,, i contacted the trucker's association as well as load link and asked how they can let them post on the load board or even have access to it , Kara is so rude ,, who does that with a full load that was picked up and wasnt over weight , they are crook's plain and simple ,, never do business with these people if you want your freight
Never again! Blackmailed us. Pay me or we won't deliver...Claims before hand that we wouldn't pay her...WRONG! Makes you wonders what kind of business they deal in!!! Are they shipping drugs or what???
Blocked for life!!!


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