NJ Transport

They are located at 1715-27 Ave NE
Bay 7U-2
Calgary, AB
phone is : 1-403-800-1196

I have invoices that are 85 days old and getting nothing but the run around.

Karen is the owner (so she says), tells you doing a cheque and when you follow up, says call on Friday AP in then. At that point does not say goodbye, just hangs up.

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We gave NJ an ltl from Montreal to Calgary a few months ago. All their references checked out with the highest reviews. The truck that showed up to our dock for the pickup was not NJ. The driver said he got the order from NJ to bring from Montreal to Ontario. Already, we didn't like the situation, but load arrived on time in Calgary. She called us again (forgot her name) last week for another ltl from Montreal to Calgary. I grilled her on if it was her truck picking up in Montreal or if she was brokering the Quebec to Ontatio portion out...she hesitated and said it would be her truck, but I wasn't ready to give her another shot at that time. Sounded like she was calling from a cell phone. I can't comment on her payments, but I prefer not to involve my freight with outside carriers with non contracted agents for interline if I can avoid it. I don't want to get a call in six months from the interline carrier looking for payment.
My two cents
We gave them a few loads last year, service was good. but then we found out during a claim that it was double or even triple brokered. couldn't get to the bottom of it. same lady Karin, / Karen,.
They are on our do not use list as in our opinion they are conducting deceptive business.
turns out 80% of our loads were brokered out.
I am running into this company now too and am starting to see something isn't right. Gave them load which arrived week late almost and they lied each day saying it was there. Was only when I showed them the signed BOL with date and then suddenly it was all a mix up with other freight and other stories.

Definitely beware

Also, if your a carrier hauling for them in the last week or so, please PM me as I want to see if my freight was put on your truck... can make sure the right person gets paid at least.
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I would prefer not to use NJ Transport. We gave them one shipment and later on realized it was double, triple brokered over to other carriers we had no clue about......

Contact is either Kiran or Kara. Worst choice to cover your load. I would rather have the freight late then let this company handle my freight. Don't even know how people are still giving them freight. Maybe they don't know NJ transport's secret...
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We done 4 shipments from May/26/2016 to July/20th. Average days to pay is 56.20
But will be very careful in future to work with them
Hi All...as a first time post I wanted to touch base on NJ Transport. Not sure I have ever dealt with such a dishonest and ingenuous company. We had them contracted to pick up a load from GTA and deliver 5 days later to the Greater Vancouver area. They stated that they would be late ( 5 days ) and before they would deliver we had to pay via Electronic Funds Transfer. They were asked to prove the goods were actually on the truck and we would pay upon sight of the goods. The truck never showed up ... although we were told the truck was ready to be unloaded. We paid the bill and later that day the goods arrived on another carrier. I've never experienced this level of malevolence and deceitful practices before. For the most part I find most carriers honest and striving to deliver on time. That being said... anyone dealing with NJ Transport from Calgary beware!
Same experience here...load from Washington interlined to BC unloaded into shady warehouse....week late delivering int GTA and nothing but lies and demand for COD. Terrible company.


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Horriable service, dispatcher is so rude. Added right to my DNUL - if you can't move my load on your truck tell me, I will gladly ok it if I know the carrier. We're all here to make a dollar....but don't lie to me and then laugh!

Will never do business again!
I also have had very bad experiences with NJ I've posted some info on a thread Titled NJ transport.
im owed 10500 for 12 months now. i contacted load link that they use to book all their freight to file a complaint. if enough of us submit complaints they'll be forced out of business to prevent this from continuing on.
Yes. I have a confirmation for the loads as well as signed pod. Yet she still refuses to pay the outstanding invoice. Very shady outfit.


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