Never work for Nytro Logistics

Never take load from Nytro Logistics guys, he is not picking phone and responding the emails. passed 45 days.

Nytro Logistics Inc.
683 Lynden Road Rate
Ancaster ON L0R 1T0
Brayden Firlotte
Cell 1-647-631-1889
Liam McAuley
Cell 1-289-828-3711
Guys, i got my money via e-transfer. But, it was not easy. I tried to call him many times, emailed many times, but no response/reply. Finally, I called the shipper(his client as I informed him before the shipment delivery that the broker seems very suspicious). He recognized me and promised me he will call him and find out. Finally, he replied me back saying the CHEQUE has been sent via mail a week, but Canada post has been on strike and it might take a while. i was asked to call him if I don't get in few weeks and he will cancel that cheque and again sent. In the same email, he threatened to sue me if I ever call his client and he also told me he will call the police too.
I replied him saying that We will show his email to the police and the shipper. And, he sent money that night by e-transfer. We will never work for him and advise anybody.


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