never asked questions are the worst!


phantom 309

If you are going to become an ontario based owner operator,.
you'll starve,.
try alberta,..
Ontario is now a have not province,.many new canadians competing in the marketplace have made it an employers market,.

Just because you are a company driver and do fine,. the moment you become an O/O even for the same company,. your rates, destinations loads will all change,.

Bettter brush up on your mechanical skills,. your diagnostic skills etc,.
putting your faith in a retail repair shop(s) is the quickest way to red ink statements,.

owner operator for too many years in ontario,.
Unless you have great backing and even better credit....wrong time to become one. Sit back and wait to see what happens.....
Agreed. Todays insurance rates are killing off a lot of the smaller owner ops. According to our broker, the Humboldt tragedy gave insurance companies the excuse to hike rates and premiums.


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