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Mike used to work with CSA as operation manager and then he started his own, Moto Transportation. They started as brokerage but I do see their name on some five tones and trailers. We have not dealt with them since Dec/2014. For payment, I have them at 48 days but no experience giving them freight. They do pretty much same thing what CSA does.


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I have not had a good experience with Ryan over there. Picked up a flatbed load with a dryvan without telling me. The shipper can do it, but it adds a few hours of over time. I was not advised by them, but from the customer.

Furthermore it was to deliver this week and customer had it on rush. They give me no reasons, but now they can only deliver on Tuesday.

Not sure what is going on with them, but communication has been missing and Ryan just doesn't answer my emails and doesn't give direct answers.
I have used them for small shipments to CA, TX, WA and service was OK, a couple minor issues but were resolved to the satisfaction of all so would use them again if the need arises
I work with Moto regularly. They're a good broker and will take care of you if there are any complications with your shipments that you are not at fault for.

That's been my experience with them.


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Moto does have trucks (a half dozen or so). I'm pretty certain they run consolidated linehauls from Vancouver // Los Angeles. They use first and final mile agents to do pick ups and deliveries.

We've used only once and all went well.
I gave them a skid from BC to CA which last minute turned to "inbond" and switch in delivery location. I dealt with Jay Davis and they good.


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