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Gord M

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Has anyone done a load for these guys in Mississauga? They suddenly have lots of US to Canada postings, I've never heard of them..............has anyone else? Or does anyone have payment information? Thank you.
DO NOT USE THEM, they have been trying to double broker loads and when they cant broker them they give the loads back last minute, they tried that with me and also 3 other companies
They have double brokered at least one of my loads.... The carrier who actually did the move contacted us through a collection agency. Worst is we make sure to get the PARS / PAPS or ACE paperwork to try to prevent these issues and they fudged the paperwork to make it seem like they did the move themselves.
this carrier may also go by American global services. As it looks like the loads are double brokered with the name of American Global or A.G services. Moonmax Inc address is actually a mailbox in a money mart , although there are some apartments in the same building, tenants claim that they do not know any of the names of the people registered by this company. there is another address listed down the street that is an apartment. No answer at that door either, yet.


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