Wondering if anyone has experience with loading in Mexico . We have in the past loaded loads on the border of U.S. / Mexico with destinations in Alaska and run in bond through Canada . We have transferred the loads in Canada (in bond ) for destinations in Alaska with Canadian drivers but have recently ran into issues at the U.S. border as they claim it's interstating . Technically they are correct as loads were cleared and picked up in U.S. Wondering if anyone has sent trucks and or trailers into Mexico to load or is it possible as insurance maybe an issue .


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The biggest problem with sending equipment into Mexico is that the insurance laws that apply in Canada and the US don't apply there. Because of the corruption and propensity for hijacking and theft of freight, there is no cargo insurance in Mexico at all. I'm not sure about liability but am completely certain about cargo. Otherwise I don't think it would be a problem to send equipment there. Obviously you have to travel on a T&E bond if you're doing so.

From what I understand, many companies hire 'protection' if they are sending their equipment right in. The automotive is moving largely by road, perishables definitely by road, and the electronics/appliances and such are moving mostly by intermodal or the manufacturing facilities are located right near the border towns.


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We send trucks with our drivers right through Mexico to Central America, if you can believe that. Mexico is a whole other world, my friend. It is not something to be taken lightly. You find out the hard way before you figure out what works for you...and it costs you plenty in the meantime....
We do not pick up loads in Mexico and come home with them. We only make one way trips down there, but my advice to do your homework before you give it a try. :)

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Amen to that Chica. I send coils to the auto plants in Northestern Mexico out of various US points..alot can and does go wrong. and it really helps to have someone who is fluent in Spanish when it does. I'm not really keen on those 2:00 am panic calls.. least of all if its in a language I don't understand.
Any advice on carriers who can move FTL dry van from Alberta to Mexico (Navolato, Sinaloa on the West coast)? Preferably without transloading at the border. Kind of stuck, as customer does not want to bring load back to Ontario for transfer before heading down south.


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