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What a dead beat, thanks for all this info, it seems as if he resides is our back yard, I'm amazing he hasn't actively solicited us on a regular basis.

Always nice to have a heads up on less that reputable individual.


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I just seen and add on my link emails that Tim is now running an mergers and acquisitions company. You have to give him credit he won't stop and someone will fall for it.
I have it on good authority that he is trying to sell a top quality carrier from the Hamilton area.
I believe he's a friend of this family owned business.

I know the carrier well. Hopefully their association with this dirt bag won't hurt the sale.


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That's him Shawn, I knew him personally when he was at Lion's. worked with them quite a bit and then it all went to hell and we had to hold freight hostage (not Gavin before at another defunct company) to finally get paid back in the late 90's


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