Melbrend Enterprise - B.C.

I currently have a truck working for these guys. I will post how things really are.

But if anyone else knows any bad dealings - I would appreciate any information.
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Randy used to work for T-Lane and went out on his own about 5 years ago.

Uses Melbrand Enterprises and Canadian Road Transport.
Have used many times. They are slow to pay their own bills, though - but have always paid.

Will use again on loads but probably not on any time sensitive loads.
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Thanks for info Dietcoke. It's good to know that they pay. I can't believe all the crooks o/o have to deal with these days.
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How are the things with Melbrend? I'm thinking about going with them with my truck, do you have any issues?

Are they paying on time? Any info is greatly appreciated.
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How are the things with Melbrend? I'm thinking about going with them with my truck,do you have any issues are they paying on time ,any info is greatly appreciated
Search out the MHL Holdings thread. It will give you an idea. There's alot of lies with Canadian Road Tranport.

And 2 months after you lease on and realize the lies your being told - make sure your at home when you pull the plates.

I will tell the whole story when I'm finished my book. Working for Melbrend is like Yogi Bear act - you will have an empty picinic basket boo boo . So make sure you have another basket. btw boo boo is yogi bears little freind . cartoons from the 1970s when there were no such thing as the internet . there was a pun in there .a little joke .humer. ha ha .smile.
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Thank you for the information, you just helped me make my mind up. So going back to a drawing board (again).
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going on your own

I don't know if this is an option - going on your own - as some load brokers like this one make it hard to trust others when you have been taken advantage of. If you can find some of your own customers - you're better off cause there's lots of $4.00 a mile plus loads out there.

Good luck
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This is an option indeed. As usual it requires time to build relationships. But I can't do it right away and I'm in no position to risk it yet. Altough very tempting and I'm tired of being leased and constantly counting on the "mileage" or there is no revenue. It really is a catch 22.

Thank you again and all the best.
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I am Puzzled?

I have been trying to communicate with Randy at Melbrend Enterprises Ltd, but have had no replies from emails in over a week?

They do not answer the telephone. Is there a working operation? I guess I will look elsewhere for now...
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Have trouble reaching him too
sent him a email which he replied.

not answering his phone, and nothing else!

big bad @ss....


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Update :

Friday, we finally reach him. He had a ETA delivery for friday mid-morning.
Around 1 pm he then told me the freight was still in Winnipeg for a reason whatsoever. When asked why he gave us a ETA for friday mid-morning if he knew too well he couldn't make it, he was not able to answer that simple question

Then monday, he told me my freight was in Hearst, ON and delivery ETA would be either tuesday at 2pm or wednesday at 2pm

Tuesday I ask him what is the status and then, that crook is telling me he's holding the freight hostage cause at the last minute, he wasn't comfortable with our credit - even if he had the freight on hand since 1 week He told me his A/P Department and the owner of the company told him money on the account or no delivery!

We know he's alone in that office so...

We had to do a bank draft, if not he would have not deliver
He knew too well we would have cut the invoice

Today, 1h45 - no driver
2PM - no driver
Called him, says he will be there in 2 minutes
2h15 nobody
Called him, he says he spoke with the driver and he was on site. Told him impossible as my customer is there and no truck!
he put me on hold ( hanged up of course! )
Called him about 20 times, no answer
He then send me a mail saying he's on the phone with the driver
2h37 - told me the driver would be there in 10 minutes
2h57 - driver there

One of the worst nightmare ever! Hope he will get what he deserve....
I did send a complaint to Loadlink but like everybody know, he'll still have his account and be able to steal many other people!

Good luck if you run accross this Randy men.

Oh, btw, it's either Melbrend Entreprises or Canadian Road Transport


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If you did a wire transfer into their account - no - it cannot be reversed.

But if you went into the bank to get them a bank draft/money order - you can put a stop pay on it.

If you've confirmed your freight delivered - call the bank and advise them ASAP.

These situations are usually "same day" when a COD payment is demanded. Doesn't hurt to call and find out.
They are Crooks all around!

Hello and Listen Up!!!

I started to drive a company truck for Melbrend and you want to watch what you get involved in with these CROOKS.

I was called by Sonny Harris who tells me he got my name off of Driver Link. He tells me he has tons of miles and pay is on time etc etc...
He picks me up in Ottawa while dropping of a load in the area and tells me we have a load to drop in St George Qc. so off we go he drives just past Montreal and wants to park for the night... after seeing what mess his truck is in I offer to drive to St George and then head to Brampton On. So we get to Brampton where he tells me he will clean out his truck before I go get a Pick in Cambridge. that same night I go to Cambridge and pick up the load in the morning then head back to Brampton. He comes to meet me to have the truck and trailer greased at the Husky but 1st he opens the hood and checks the oil... its down 4 gallons so he adds 3 gallons of that very heavy Lucas Oil then he takes apart the Air to Air Boot only to discover that its full of engine oil he wipes it down with a rag a puts it back together. May I tell you that this an 05 389 Peterbuilt and that almost ever gauge alarms are sounding off in this truck since i've boarded in Ottawa! but ofcourse he is telling me all this has just happened before picking me
Now I was picked up on Tuesday the 13th Nov 12 and now stalled here in Brampton because I still have 8ft left to fill on the 51 ft Deck
so on comes Friday the 16th Nov and I go to Oakville On only to find out a 9ft Tank is now a 12 Ft Tank and cannot be loaded as its too much Overhang. So now i'm told to got back to Brampton and wait for them to find a load. May i also tell you COMMUNICATION is way down with this Co. Finally after many voice messages I get a call at 7pm that we will go with what we have. Hence off I go and at about 4pm on Sunday the 18th Nov i call him coming into Regina Sk telling him again on voice mail that Oil Pressure in way down and I cannot Buy Oil on the Credt Card!... A Couple of hours later he calls and tells me this has never happened to him but to continue to Calgary AB and get Oil Change at the Road King... ROFL that 800km or so on Low Oil Pressure Alarm going off! Hence I buy oil out of my pocket 4 gallons and continue to Calgary AB. Monday Morning the 19th Nov I Change Oil Drop part off my load both in Calgary and Red Deer AB and then Continue to Grande Prairie AB where on the 20th Nov I drop the remaining load and get reloaded in Rycroft AB to be dropped in Richmond Bc. On my way to Richmond Bc past Grande Cashe AB about 75km from Hinton AB guess what on comes the Low Oil Alarm and Boom the Blows 2 Holes in the Engine Block and no one to answer their phones again! Well I call CJ's Towing in Hinton and tow it all into Hinton where for 3 Days i'm grounded and paying for my Hotel and meals. Finally I'm called by Sonny Harris to tell me a Co. Driver is coming into Hiton to oick me up and I'm to drive the Load into Chilliwack BC.
So I give the Holiday Inn the Co Fax # to have them pay the Hotel Room but 2 Days after I left the Hotel I get a call from the that the Hotel has not been paid and they have now called the cops on me!
Well the 22nd of nov the Driver showed up at Midnight and off we went to Surrey and Langley to drop. We are then told we cannot reload until Monday the 26 Nov. Hence 2 Guys share a Truck for 3 nights WOW.
Come Monday Morning we go reload 2 20ft SeaCans and ofcourse the Kick is empty so he wants us to wait till Tuesday so he can find a Load.
Well tuesday came and we were then told to wait till friday.

Sorry but I Flew from Abbotsford to Ottawa Weds Morning... by the time I reached Calgary AB for the Connector Flight the Company had cut off my Cell and all further communications with me.

To this day I have not been Paid for my Miles My Picks & Drops or any of my expenses (Hotel, Meals, Airfare, or Layovers).

Crooks nothing but Punk Crooks. Both Sonny Harris and Randy.


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You sound like a good, hard working driver.

There are plenty of members here that work for (or own) GOOD carrier operations that would love a good honest driver on board. Take a look in the Job Postings thread and see.

I hope you find the employer you deserve. Employment has to be a win-win situation.

Keep well,


You sound like a good, hard working driver.

There are plenty of members here that work for (or own) GOOD carrier operations that would love a good honest driver on board. Take a look in the Job Postings thread and see.

I hope you find the employer you deserve. Employment has to be a win-win situation.

Keep well,

Thx Mike... I'm a CanadaOnly Company Driver that wants to run all over Canada but I need to Run Free Lots and Lots of miles Picks & Drops etc.
I also like to run Decks... Can you recommend a Carrier off hand?
I'd like a small no union type operation with lots and lots of hauls on hand... none of this sit around type of companies... I'm not a Truck Stop Junky...

thx again


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I wish I could further point you in the right direction.

The company I work for is exclusively a broker (and mostly dry van).

Do a search (on this site) for 'flatbed', 'deck', 'step', etc... I find that most of the threads for these kinds of equipment are members asking for advice on cerain lanes and in need of such specialty equipment. The carrier names that come up over and over again are the ones that are highly recommended in the industry.

Typically the ones that are highly recommended would be the same ones that have good, well treated and long term employees!

Good luck to you,

oh, and Happy Friday!



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Canada Only;

There are LOTS of great companies out there to work for. But I would suggest you do plenty of research and ask lots of questions before jumping onboard with any company. A good company will encourage you to ask questions before committing to work for them. They don't want to invest valuable time and money training someone only to have them quit a couple weeks later. The more research you do, the better informed you will be!


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