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Meadow Lark Companies

Discussion in 'Preferred Broker' started by Ralphie, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. Ralphie

    Ralphie New Member

    Back door

    Just a note that these guys have backed doored us on a couple very large customers. I don't trust Mike Kandis as far as I can throw him. Sat across my desk and smiled at me the whole time his people were calling the shippers directly.
  2. loaders

    loaders Site Supporter

    I have had a few long term customers call me into their office wanting to know why my rates (which we have had in effect for a long time) are 10 - 25% higher than some new broker who knocked on their door. I have tried to explain that cheap rates get you cheap service, if any service at all. I have warned them that low rates will make it tougher to move the freight. In some cases, we are successful and maintain the business and the rates. In other cases, we reduce the rate, knowing that this reduction will come strictly from our profit margin, not the rate we offer the carrier. In a few cases, we lose the business entirely. To all the carriers out there - don't haul cheap freight obtained from any broker. It only makes the shipper think that the low rate is correct, when we all know it isn't. I can't for the life of me, understand any broker offering rates so low that even the "bottom-of-the-barrel" carrier will hesitate to take it. How in the world can you keep a customer when you roll the dice every time you move their freight at such rates!
  3. bull958

    bull958 Site Supporter

    Don't forget the Chicago office.

    On the CH Robinson front, feel free to lump the Chicago office in. How about one skid from Toronto to Lexington, KY for $100CAD, or if that doesnt work you could always take a full load from Cobourg to Evansville for $800CAD. Just wish I had more trucks to take advantage of all this juicy freight.
  4. MontrealTrucker

    MontrealTrucker Site Supporter

    The good news is Meadow Lark has had these 4 loads posted for 2 days nobody has taken them. I think he will get a good reality check.

    It's time denounce cheap freight brokers, I agree Bear, UTI are in that category also. CH Robinson is also cheap especially if you deal with any Canadian office.

    I find it appaling that US brokers come here and destruct the rates like that.
  5. trully22

    trully22 Member

    couldn't agree more

    you can throw UTI and Bear into that equation too. Far too cheap!
  6. MontrealTrucker

    MontrealTrucker Site Supporter

    Meadow Lark does pay their bills but their rates are very cheap. Delson, Quebec to Oconto Falls (northern wisconsin) They are paying 1900.00 USD for 882 miles then at the end of the conversation he added one little detail, the loads are 10 feet wide. :confused:

    How are we supposed to make a living if these cheap US brokers invade Canadian shippers with rates that suit them but not us truckers.
  7. Gr8ful

    Gr8ful New Member

    I found they paid better than many? :confused: Maybe because I have done the Northbound from the West?
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2009
  8. MontrealTrucker

    MontrealTrucker Site Supporter

    Reponse: Meadow Lark pays their bills on time but their rates are very cheap.
    I agree they are very polite and diplomatic but price is the issue.
    I dont even call them when they post loads anymore unless I am in a area with no freight, I would really have to be stuck to use them.
  9. faey06

    faey06 Site Supporter

    Thanks for the recommendation
  10. Gr8ful

    Gr8ful New Member

    These guys are decent and very professional. Here are the particulars if you want to check for yourselves:

    Meadow Lark Companies
    Mike Kandas (President)
    Billings, MT 59105-0575

    I deal with Barb Benfit and Theresa Campbell for the most part, but anyone I have taken loads for with Meadow Lark have been a genuine pleasure to work with.

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