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MC Logistics Etobicoke

Discussion in 'Preferred Broker' started by Leonesa78, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. Leonesa78

    Leonesa78 New Member

    I've been dealing w/ MC for a few yrs now. w/ my previous employer and w/ my current one too, haven't had a problem w/ them. yes they are slow @ paying but for the most part all I do is call the A/P and she sends me a cheque right away. If you have been short paid, most of the times is MC customers short paying them and from there is a chain reaction.
  2. AccountsReceivable@DRC

    AccountsReceivable@DRC Moderator Staff Member


    You have made your point here with these contributions - now please move on with it. Your post was only partially edited as per your last sentence - which was unnecessary and not suitable for this forum.
  3. doxilica

    doxilica New Member

    MC Logistics

    Why you guys edit my quote I should be able to be free of speach, if you do not like it let it be but I need to let other carriers be aware of it otherwise no one will ever know the true. If someone got pissed here better be but you cannot keep my mouth shout just because I am telling you the true.
  4. doxilica

    doxilica New Member

    MC Logistics

    Do not assume things without even know it what is underneath. I can prove with paper the reality.
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  5. Great guys there. Mike values a Broker Carrier relationship. The person talking about getting short changed is the only person ever to have this happen from MC. My guess is they screwed something up really bad....
  6. doxilica

    doxilica New Member

    MC Logistics

    If you search this company you will find one thread written back about two years ago by us. We were paid short more than a $ 1000 USD back in February 2008 due to a day delayed having highway closures and bad weather all the way. Never worked with them since.
    Someone told us that we were not the first one that happened such thing. I do not know what to tell you for sure I am not using his services or the consignee for that specific load. If I see who is the consignee in Etobicoke I am not bothering of taking the load. Hope that helps.
  7. pitbull99

    pitbull99 Site Supporter

    MC Logistics

    Around 60 days
  8. caper

    caper Member

    Has anyone had any experience with MC Logistics in Etobicoke?
    Good or bad? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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