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We don't use them much over here ... but I knew them back about 12 years ago and they're still going strong ... Indian owned and run, but not in the typical sense. Equipment looks pretty good.

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We have had some issues with collecting from:
Mavron Transport Inc.
P.O. Box 1500-1234
Etobicoke, ON M9C 4V5

We have left 10 messages, 2 with dispatchers and none are returned. The last call with dispatch said that the AP lady is never in and apparrently has been off for over two months.

I called to the shipper and read them the BOL Act and they said that Mavron's AR has just been sent to a factoring company.

We have not done any business with them. But I noticed Mavron - or their finance company - had multiple 53' Vans at the Richie Bros. auction in Bolton earlier this month.
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Great carrier to work with, been using them over 10 years. Some issues but the communicaion is there. Factoring just started a few months back. They have taken on some new business that required a mojority of the equipment to upgraded and Z plates. Decided to go the factoring route because of the bull they face dealing with clients that were stretching the payables out to 90 days.

All in all I wouldn't worry about your payment.
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Jim L

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Yes I am worried about my payment. At 80 days outstanding, after 10 calls, even though I have physically spoken to 2 separate dispatchers who said that they would pass the message on to the person responsible, and not one phone call has been returned from anybody at their company.

This, my friend, is a company in trouble. Good people with full intentions to pay and taking on new business would answer the phone and return phone calls.


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Decided to go the factoring route because of the bull they face dealing with clients that were stretching the payables out to 90 days.

All in all I wouldn't worry about your payment.
Mavron is now stretching their payables out to 90 days. Factoring won't help at all if the company is not managing their cash flow. If I were "on ignore" with this company - I'd be worried...

Jim L - at 80+ days and no call back - time to get the customer involved directly. If Mavron had any intentions with your receivable - at the very least it would be acknowledged with a call/email. The "red flags" are there - don't sit on it any longer...

Jim L

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I have involved the customer but getting almost the same response. They do not call back and when I finally get a hold of the AP person they say that its not their problem since they have already paid Mavron. I have advised them of the BOL Act.

I'm just getting the word out about Mavron so nobody else gets the same treatment. It really burns me that we pick up the load on time, deliver the load on time, answer all their calls for tracking and give them accurate information - essentially giving them presidential service. We then get horrible treatment after when it comes time for payment.

Jim L

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Just an update,

After many phone calls to the shipper/receiver asking them to intervene, I finally got through to someone in Mavron's accounting office named Sai on Wednesday. He told me the previous AP person quit in December and he had just started earlier this week and couldn't comment on what happened previously.
After investigating my invoice it was found that he did not have it which really made me upset because the shipper/receiver has paid Mavron and I made tons of phone calls to Mavron, left messages and left messages with dispatchers, which none had been returned. If they didn't receive it and were genuine enough about paying it someone should have called. I e-mailed the invoice to Sai and demanded a reply as to when the cheque was to be printed and received no reply.

The next day, Thursday, there was a cheque in the mail from Mavron that was postmarked on Tuesday. Either way, the cheque is deposited and unless I post back I am going to assume that it will go through.

Their story doesn't add up and there is something fishy here so Mavron is on DNU list.
Clearly, Mavron has a problem with cash flow. Moved a load for them on March 14, 4 months ago. No payment so far, even after a hundred calls and conversations with their elusive accounts payable guy Sai. I discovered that the load we moved for them was in fact double-brokered and belongs to Traffic Tech. So, I phoned Traffic Tech and asked for their help in the matter, indicating that Mavron double brokered one of their loads. To my surprise, Traffic Tech's reaction was mild, they chose not to intervene, it seems to me. Their representative John Muprhy only indicated that Mavorn does a ton of loads for Traffic Tech, and that we were not the first ones to complain of them double-brokering freight.
One more thing worth mentioning. In a telephone conversation with Sai, i brought up a point that should the invoice be unpaid immediately, we would be getting in touch with Traffic Tech, whom the load belonged to, invoice their customers directly. Sai replied that he really did not care, as he was just an employee.

Anyways, enough time wasted with these guys. I'm sure they will have a pleasant time dealing with a collection agency.


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I think that with that response I'd go up the chain. Like right to the customer. Traffic Tech's stance doesn't entirely surprise me because they still do some 'co-broker' of freight.

Mavron has typically been a pretty decent carrier but if they're resorting to double-brokering, something is probably up.


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Mavron has typically been a solid carrier. I know a guy who knows a guy... Lets see if I can help you here.

Keep well,


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They've become quite a sloppy carrier as of late too. Late for pickups, late for deliveries and no sense of urgency in dispatch. On our DNU.


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Update on Mavron: simply impossible to get through over the phone, end up listening to their music for over an hour, no replies to emails inquiries either. Found out that Mavron double-brokered the freight. Collected on outstanding for over 130 days invoice only with the help of original broker; it also took 3 weeks of time until payment was made. Now got another invoice to deal with from our other client; same story, double brokered freight, got original broker involved.

Lastly, our most recent client asked for help to collect on invoice aged from February of 2016, over 15 months, who was it billed to? MAVRON! It was also double brokered freight.


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I don't know if they broker freight, but I do know they have many trucks and trailers. I see them on the highway all the time.
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