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Maple Gate Logistics

Discussion in 'Double Broker List' started by Translog, Feb 25, 2016.

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  1. qqq107

    qqq107 New Member

    I am sorry you feel that way Victorious, please call me and we can discuss. My name is Cameron and I know I have some issues to address from the past. We are happy to invite you all to the New Maple Gate.
  2. Victorious

    Victorious New Member

  3. qqq107

    qqq107 New Member

    Hello, I am the new general manager for Maple Gate and I look forward to working with all of you fine people. Sadly, the owner of Maple Gate is NOT very computer savvy and was left a very large mess to clean up by the previous general manager. I am happy to say that Maple Gate is back on track and will be better than they ever have been. I welcome any and all comments and inquiries to my personal email. Reach out and let's get acquainted with the new and improved Maple Gate. Customers first !
  4. KaideX

    KaideX New Member

    We have used Maplegate for years......couple of concerns; but the owner came to the plate and made good, on the service probs incurred. Will ship with them again.
  5. boss

    boss Site Supporter

    We had one of the most frustrating ordeals with these jokers a few weeks ago. They dropped our freight on their agent's dock in California, we needed to recover it and were told by MG it was ok to go the following day at 7am. Our truck sat there until 4pm before they loaded it, basically laughing at our driver all day. The good folks at MG stopped answering the phones around 3pm, even their classy owner said he would 'take care of it right away', then he stopped picking up his calls.
    Never again.
  6. whatiship

    whatiship Well-Known Member

    The problem with this type of 'carrier" is that they are a dock only operation. They outsource cartage at both ends, outsource line haul, but market themselves as a carrier. Too many different companies involved and when there is a hiccup with anyone of them it can get ugly real quick.
  7. kenworthking

    kenworthking New Member

    Stay away !!!
  8. kenworthking

    kenworthking New Member

    These guys are complete morons ! They ordered a truck from our company, sent the rate con - My guys show up and the freight is missing. Maple advises that it will be at their dock in couple of hours.. The driver sat there for 5 hours and then maple cancelled the load saying it is not going anymore. We asked for a TONU and asked us to wait for a week until they can finalize that. It's been 5 months now - Never seen the rate con. When we called them - we were told they don't pay TONU....
    I got Ripped off !!!
  9. ZoCNX

    ZoCNX Member

    Thanks... I already had a bad long store with them way way way back ... was hoping for small improvement from their site ... I guess the rule "say anything, just to cover the load" still apply...
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  10. AccountsReceivable@DRC

    AccountsReceivable@DRC Moderator Staff Member

    ZoCNX - don't waste your time with this 'outfit' - there is no change....none whatsoever.
  11. Blondie

    Blondie Member

    No change in the pattern of 90 days. You have to keep calling weekly and maybe get somewhere.
  12. ZoCNX

    ZoCNX Member

    Any recent updates on this company?
  13. freighter

    freighter New Member

    they are extremely slow on payment - 100 days plus.
    anyone else having the same issues?
  14. theman

    theman Well-Known Member

    The company used to be more solid and larger at one point but the owner apparently has other interests and had someone else running it. That person apparently didn't do a very good job. The owner wants to rebuild but I'm not sure how ... he's not a young guy by any means.
  15. whatiship

    whatiship Well-Known Member

    I would classify Maple Gate as more of a forwarder than a carrier. They pick up most of their outbound freight on their own trucks or use cartage. They will fill a trailer and hire a carrier to run the line haul and then use either the carrier or cartage to deliver. Basically the same business model that many well known carriers use to move LTL. I don't know how they market themselves though.
  16. Translog

    Translog New Member

    Thank you. We cancelled and booked with another carrier, assuming that they are indeed a carrier.
  17. hauling_ass

    hauling_ass Active Member

  18. Translog

    Translog New Member

    Is Maple Gate a carrier or double brokering? Their MC is not valid, but their US DOT is valid. Heard a lot of rumblings about late payments. Could someone help clarify their position. Thank you Pierre

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