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Discussion in 'Business Strategy' started by thebluffs1, Dec 12, 2016.

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  1. theman

    theman Well-Known Member

    I don't think the problem with back-solicitation is warranted. This is simply a response to customers' demands for visibility in their supply chains. There are other ways to make things seamless through sat-tracking but because our industry is so fragmented it's difficult to do this as a third party -- until Macropoint. I think that you'll see it become more and more of a requirement in our industry.
  2. thebluffs1

    thebluffs1 Site Supporter

    Sad part is that it could be avoided if the truth would be told during tracing calls.
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  3. bubba-one

    bubba-one Site Supporter

    We have used Macropoint a few time, or conclusion is that we will not give out our drivers phone numbers to be tracked by. We can provide gps locations from our current system and even e-mail the truck location to a broker or customer 24 hrs a day if needed. The problem with Macropoint is that you don't know when they stop tracking your phone, how do you know the broker isn't now following your driver to other destinations and then soliciting them accordingly. If brokers need to track their loads that badly they should invest in trucks and drivers themselves. Supply and Demand windows are too tight these days, the 100 mile per hour truck isn't there yet, and what is going to happen next Dec when ELD's become mandatory. The industry will cripple.
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  4. Rob

    Rob Site Supporter

    We have used macropoint a couple times for US based brokers. It is hard on data for the phone plan
  5. ShawnR

    ShawnR Site Supporter

    this one comes up quite often, we will eventually all have to use some sort of tracking app... and yeah we also don't know how this will come across when advising carriers/drivers they have to use this app...
  6. TransAction

    TransAction Active Member

    I've seen a few version of this, it looks good and we would love to use it, the only issue is we have to get all our carrier's drivers to download it onto their phones. I am not sure carriers will want to start downloading the dozens of apps like this that are out there for all of their clients....
  7. thebluffs1

    thebluffs1 Site Supporter

    Does anyone use macropoint or any similar product to trace shipments to eliminate the seemingly high chance of being blatantly and consistently lied to when requesting the status of a shipment?

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