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Hello all!
My question is...... does Lucas oil additive make cold starts more difficult since the oil is "thicker"?
What about use in hot weather?
My O/O has a hard time starting his truck when it is really frigid outside and he thinks Lucas may be the culprit. Specifically, the engine is a Detroit in a 2007 Freightliner.
Since all the members here seem to be very knowledgeable, I figure this is the best place to ask a question.

Michael Ludwig

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Lucas Oil does not actually make the oil "thicker". It's an additive package that introduces other chemicals to the base oil that makes the engine turn easier, and last longer should the engine begin to fail catastrophically. The most likely culprit is batteries. Every truck has difficulty turning over in really frigid weather. The colder it gets, the smaller the engine becomes physically. Tolerances get tighter making turning parts harder to go around. Stick some oil inbetween those turning parts that gets thicker and stickier as it gets colder and it easy to see that it takes a lot more power to turn the engine over.


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All of our trucks have battery shut off switches and knock on wood we have had to boost only 1 or 2 a week which is good when you have 50 trucks and we do not plug the hiway units in. I remember the good old days when our mobile guy would spend the morning here getting trucks started......not enough plugins to go around.


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