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Loz Logistics, Langley, BC an evern newer low!

Discussion in 'Preferred Broker' started by bigt, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. bigt

    bigt Member


    few months back lady call and i answer.usually i don't get involve in dispatch,sweet talk from lady and offer me load from salt lake to was some freight goes by tonns or by weihgt.i told her i won't do by weight. when we figure out how much we can pull and how much money i be what i said.she got little upset. it was close to 1100 dollars and some change. for some 9 to 1000 miles.usualy we get 22+ from that area for dry but still today, i am shaking my head.ask her not to even bother calling me again.
  2. alx

    alx Site Supporter

    Maybe time for regulation!!

    There may be a point in the near future where some regulatory bodies will have to come into play!

    Everyone has jumped onto this safety band wagon that no longer makes any sense.
    There are constantly more regulations that shorten the driving period citing whatever crap they can cone up with. The hours of service date from 1949 and no concessions have been made for the increase in driving ease as well as comfort.
    And mostly, you can drive 11 hours only stateside, surrounded by services and a preponderance of rest areas, while in this wonderful country, with our garbage roads lack of services and rest areas, one can drive 13 hours. ( maybe the bad roads keep us awake for the extra 2 hours)

    Please someone explain to me the criteria that are used to justify this dichotomy????

    Enough of this rant, I can no longer stand myself.

    But the main point to be made is : How the hell does the state expect companies to maintain their equipment if they are constantly running below cost. Rates being driven down by the above mentionned pond Sc*** / bottom feeders!!!!!

    IT's time to send an exploratory party over to Venezuella to get some pointers from Mr. Chavez!!!
  3. Packrule

    Packrule Member

    NO bigt I haven't. I've seen their rates from Sask to BC, WA and they are bad enough. I'm already looking for new work - this industry is going to hell.
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  4. bigt

    bigt Member


    So you have not seen their rates from Salt Lake, UT area to BC yet.
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  5. Packrule

    Packrule Member

    So today the above - Loz Logistics - posts up a load on Link Logistics from La Ronge, Sk - Montreal, QC 2109 miles direct from point to point. La Ronge though is 236 miles straight north of Saskatoon in the midldle of no where. So guess what rate they are offering..........yep you guessed it $1450.00 cdn funds. WOW OH WOW .66 cents per mile directly.
    Are you kidding me? Do these brokers even know how much a driver's wage is???? This is probably the worst rate I've ever seen in my 13 years in this industry. :mad:
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