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We are looking to buy a trucking company 15 to 40 trucks with drivers. Ideally we want a company that has a good name and is struggling with cash flow, must be well run and very professional.


most well run and professional companies are profitable and not for sale :p
good luck finding what you're looking for!


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I doubt you will be able to find what you are looking for at the moment. Maybe three months ago, when things were rough.

The good carriers that have made it through the last 18 months are now poised to reap the rewards of their recent struggle.

You may find someone looking to retire and get out , though if well run he would not sell now before recouping some profits.

Again the best of Luck.

You may want to look at VTL in Lasalle, they have a good customer base now that they have some of Brymag's old accounts, they may just need a good injection of capital.


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Lowmiler88, why not a professionally run, well managed brokerage that does not have cash flow problems. Just think, all the same challenges but without the drivers and trucks!


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He is most likely looking for something tangible, with more than good will (seems no longer to exist since the price is King philosophy has taken hold of freight brokerage), to offer.


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Alx, as you know, not all brokerage operations have adopted the "price is King philosophy". As a result, there are operations similar to my own that have maintained not only a strong, loyal customer base for 20 years, but have continued to be profitable, even during this economic downturn. I agree, the purchaser in this case is looking to acquire tangible assets and an operation with which he is familiar. My post, while partially in jest, was meant merely to offer another type of purchase option. In some cases buying "good will" can be an opportunity to continue reaping the rewards of a profitable business.


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Nothing against load brokers but we have more than enough business we really need drivers and equipment and you would hope 50 or 60% of the companies business would be good business that you would want to keep. Just to clarify that statement we really need the drivers equipment I can get. I know my first post sounds crazy but I know of at least 3 companies who paid their bills and closed their doors because of cash flow but by the time you hear about it they are done and gone so why not ask. One of the ones I now about was 40+ trucks and he didn't want to put in 500 thousand of his own money out of his retirement (which I can't fault him) but a deal could have been swung and kept the company intact. I'm just saying there are all kinds of options available and ways to swing a deal.


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