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Pitbull99 - Are you referring to Longhaul Logistics in Campbellville?

If so - I had a payment issue with them also - took over 100 days on $300 - had to chase Karen in A/P to get a cheque cut then chased again to get it mailed. Blocked them out of our system right after payment received.


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Out of Campbellville, talked to Karen, told me it would mail Jan 12, then told me is would be mailed Jan 26, as of this week it is mailed Feb 9, so I am waiting!!!
I only wished all this information was posted back in December. Did you get paid? I just sent a demand letter that we want payment or I'm invoicing the consignee.

Gord M

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yes they are slow, they are paying me a 60 day old this week, then two weeks from now when my other invoice hits 60 I get the money for that. I will close their account as soon as we get paid, won't be long before they start stiffing people.
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Dave in London,

I received a D&B alert on LLI last week - paydex dropped again.

They are currently paying close to 90 days. This is as per D&B info - which I just verified....

Interpret how you wish....


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Same situation with LLI .

Just received a check today for work completed on Oct 19th.
Really nasty accts. payable dept. Lost my temper with them on last two occasions.

Just not worth the frustration when you know they offer quick pay with your money!!!!
Payment terms

Anyone have an update on the payment trend.

Was promised 30 days on the fax. Took the load but knew the name wrang a bell.
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Has anyone had better luck with Longhaul's payment since earlier this year?
These are the folks out of Campbellville.


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