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Load Solutions *I have the paper work to prove it*

Discussion in 'Double Broker List' started by PackRat, May 29, 2014.

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  1. mikexj

    mikexj New Member

    I dealt with them many times with mixed results, they seem to have disapeared, I think that they are now trans 99, loaded them once with a load of meat with disastorus results, be careful.
  2. theman

    theman Well-Known Member

    We have mixed results. When the load is for right now, you're probably OK. Give them something in advance and let them get comfortable and it starts to go south.

    They've ended up calling a shipper of ours a couple of times saying they were going to be late ... then when the shipper is going to be closed they say they'll be there in the morning. Morning comes ... no truck. No kidding.

    I know they're actually hauling the freight, if it's my choice I wouldn't want to babysit them so much. But my partner in crime seems to think he can make it work.
  3. Northam

    Northam Member

    Load Solutiions Inc. (Cambridge)

    Anything current on this company. We have a load pending for them to do.
  4. KLB

    KLB New Member

    Do not use double brokered so many loads of ours also affiliated with sonika!!!!!! Paperword to prove it!!!!!!
  5. noproblembuddy

    noproblembuddy Site Supporter

    Load Solutions used to call on loads all the time and give wonky service. Copious use of the term "buddy" in any conversation.
  6. Shakey

    Shakey Site Supporter

    I have used twice in past month and have not had any issues with service or being kept in the know on my shipments. Check out both sets of customs papers and all good.
  7. cdnbroker1

    cdnbroker1 Member

    Anything new on these guys?
  8. I had issues with load solutions as well where they delivered short, but because i was notified late and had already paid them - i lost the money.

    nice to see karma come back on them !

    i also had a problem with maxal years back with them not tarping my loads too !... cost them over 10K for their mistake as the product was pricey and was damaged when he cranked the chains too tight and bent all the metal on the products.
  9. Rob, don't forget the 3 trucks that spontaniously combusted in his yard. That was a beautiful sight to look at daily from the 401.
  10. Rob

    Rob Site Supporter

    The articale said he lost a hunderd grand to scammers I wonder how much it cost his insurance company when he had those 3 loads of meat stolen 1 weekend last year.

    ABDRHNTR Member

    Anything recent on these guys? They want a load I have, but I'm thinking, it might be a bad idea, from your past experiences. Anyone do any business with them recently?

    SCAM CHASER Site Supporter

    These guys are weird - got a phone call from them a couple of months ago at 730 pm wanting to know when we were going to pay their bill - only problem is we never ever did any business with them - go figure
  13. GRAVEY

    GRAVEY New Member

    well it's about time someone does something about these bad load brokers
  14. MontrealTrucker

    MontrealTrucker Site Supporter

    Have you seen their credit rating? What else are these "new" canadians up to? The trucking industry use to be profitable before these boys from Bombay came rolling into town. I gave a load to Maxal Truck Lines once and specified the load MUST be tarped. I then get a call from customer saying the driver left with no tarps on the load. I developped my own opinion about these new canadians but for the sake of this great website I won't say it on here. It kind of makes you wonder when you see them urging the canadian government for more intervention. I hear the trucking industry in India is expanding.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2009
  15. godfather

    godfather Member

    The article says they're out of Puslinch, ON.
  16. r these guys[ gurmit] out of cambridge ?
  17. deb1141

    deb1141 New Member

    I'm a load broker as was surprised as hell when I found out we no longer needed a Load Broker's Licence or surety bond. My company started in 1989 and was always licence and bonded until last year - I'm still trying to figure out why we no longer have to be licenced or bonded and now you want this back? I never wanted to give it up in the first place - your comments will be appreciated.
  18. godfather

    godfather Member

    Isn't it funny that Load Solutions Double Brokers yet are lobbying to stiffen the laws of brokering.
  19. Watchdog

    Watchdog Member

    Agreed they double broker

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