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Load Solutions *I have the paper work to prove it*

Discussion in 'Double Broker List' started by PackRat, May 29, 2014.

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  1. youngtea

    youngtea Active Member

    Well it wasn't a hot load. I stated earlier in this thread that customer wanted it Friday or Monday. It wasn't a rush and I would have never used them if it was.
    The only reason the customer was upset was because they were told it was scaled heavy and they know it wasn't. I still do not understand what happened for the scale ticket.
  2. Shakey

    Shakey Site Supporter

    if they are 40-50% why trust them on hot load delivering on a holiday?

    Not sure where you live but there was an ice storm on Thursday I drove in it and still people without power due to it.
  3. youngtea

    youngtea Active Member

    Their plan was for a team and they specifically asked for the shipment, because they had a return.

    The tractor was different so they might have used a heavy tractor or they used a scale ticket for a different shipment.

    Also there was no snow storm on Thursday. There was lots of rain though where I am.

    Furthermore their service has always been lacking. I would give them 40-50% on pickup and deliveries being on time.
  4. EricG

    EricG Site Supporter

    Very interesting thread... I learnt something new today about scales and weights

    Thanks Inside Transport.
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  5. Shakey

    Shakey Site Supporter

    Ice storm didn't hit until Thursday, this loaded Wednesday and was for delivery Friday truck should have been well ahead of the storm unless they were going to move it with a team on Thursday.......................
  6. theman

    theman Well-Known Member

    The ice storm may explain it too.

    The owner of LSI is a political figure who actually stands against the unregulated brokers out there ... I seriously doubt that they are double-brokering freight. But that said, they were never a picture of service excellence. There is room for improvement over there.
  7. Jim L

    Jim L Active Member

    It has happened in the past where the truck/trailer is full of ice and the gross weight is increased. I remember having to bang off ice on the sides of trailers and get slush/snow out of wheel wells to get legal. But ice weighs 62 lbs per cubic foot. My math comes up with 1163 lbs for the roof of the trailer with a half inch of ice (53' X 8.5' X 0.5/12). A half inch is a pretty thick piece ice - I don't think we had that much. Is it possible to get 4 times that much on the rest of the truck/trailer? I don't think so.

    As for the CAT scale, we have never had a problem at the Woodstock scale if used properly. Ice/snow on the scale is never an issue because the scale is set to zero every time a driver enters the scale. You can get a false reading if you set both the tractor and trailer brakes on the scale. Some trailers dump the air and pulls on the fifth wheel. If that happened it may be possible that the scale readings would be out. I should do that one time and find out how much.
  8. snafu

    snafu Active Member

    I'm betting the ice storm on Thursday had something to do with it not moving...
  9. theman

    theman Well-Known Member

    I don't think it was transloaded. They probably couldn't get a driver to deliver on Good Friday .... but enough with the excuses. It's too easy to get found out on these things if one wants to.
  10. youngtea

    youngtea Active Member

    The shipment could have delivered on Monday. That shouldn't have been a problem.

    They scaled again and the shipment and now it is at 77000 lbs. Somehow the shipment has dropped over 4000 lbs and load solutions say they have no idea why. I reached out to CAT to see if it is a problem with the scale in woodstock that scaled heavy.

    Now I have been calling Load solutions all morning today and their phone lines are not working. Same thing happened on Thursday. This company is becoming a joke.
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  11. MarkD

    MarkD Site Supporter

    He didn't want to deliver Friday that's why he held off until Thursday at 8pm to tell you so you couldn't make other arrangements. My moneys on you getting a call he put it on lighter equipment and it will deliver Monday. Pls keep us posted.
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  12. Rob

    Rob Site Supporter

    If he transloaded to a reefer and it sounds like he did. It is his problem not yours. Is the driver at a scalehouse shut down 1100lbs over or just a truckstop and 1100lbs over.

    If he is at a truckstop it seems like it would be time to take the scenie route.
    If he is at a scalehouse a flatbed towing company can be called and come in to get the overload and hold at their yard until you can find someone to go get it.

    There is a Load Solution but it sure seems like they do not want to deal with it.

    One solution is run fuel down. 137 US gallons is 1100 lbs. Solving this issue is simple if you know your business and can get the square peg into the round hole so to speak.
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  13. youngtea

    youngtea Active Member

    This company is very likely ending up on my DNU after today.

    Picked up a shipment Wednesday to deliver Friday in GA. I get a call Thursday night at 8 pm that the shipment is 1100 lbs over gross weight. Scale ticket is provided.

    Customer states they're shipping the same shipment for 5 years without being overweight. Because of holiday today Aman states he can't help today.

    I'm inclined to think they put the shipment on a reefer and now can't do anything. No solutions have been provided. Oh the irony of a company named load solutions not able to provide any solutions.

    Lost customer here 100%. DNU most likely.
  14. Pharlap

    Pharlap Member

    LSI, there o.k. Speak and book with Gurmit. He starts @ 1100 Daily.

    Have a nice day!

    DIETCOKE Site Supporter

    Thanks for the update!
  16. ChrisDCS

    ChrisDCS New Member

    Good carrier, never had issues with Gurmeet or anyone else.
  17. Shakey

    Shakey Site Supporter

    we have been using without issues and have not had any issues with communication

    DIETCOKE Site Supporter

    Anyone with updated service info on this company?
    Load pending.
  19. PackRat

    PackRat Site Supporter

    Anything current on this company? Germeet is the contact. Double Brokering listed below so I'm treading very lightly here.
    Any updates would be appreciated.
  20. theman

    theman Well-Known Member

    They haven't disappeared. We use them on and off still. They have a yard off the 401 that they share with Skylark ... actually they have a fair bit of equipment, and it's all good looking.

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