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My experience with IT has been pretty good although Rob is correct in that it really is an American board and somewhat less useful for corss border and Canadian freight. Right now I don't think it matters where you post Ontario outbound.. capacity is super tight... may as well just call 30 carriers and call it day.
One of my friends recently signed up on Internet Truck Stop and booked more loads as a result, their postings matched with both US based AND Canadian based companies who were not on the LoadLink since they cant afford it.

Strange, because we have a different experience and so in the opinion of most of the members here, but that what i was told by a friend of mine.

i will sign up again and will keep you posted
I will look at internet truck stop..but I feel like my research on OTA and google and calling is safer. We need a committee to find a better way
I'm having a brain fart today. When you want to exclude someone from seeing your posts on Loadlink, are they excluded when the little person is blue or when they're gray? I've just come up against some carriers that I don't want seeing my posts anymore (dropped loads, nothing but issues etc) and I can't remember if they can't see your posts if you turn them blue or gray? Anyone remember?



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