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Still the same

Promised a check 2 weeks ago Told today it would go out this Friday Talked to the alleged controller who informed me they had more money and more freight then I will ever have aand I should just wait for my money because he owns all of the corner at 27 and 7 worth millions They have now hit our DNU list
My name is Jamie and I am with LineHaul Logistics based in Missoula MT (MC#457782). Our good name has been confused with another Linehaul based in Canada but we are not affiliated with any other companies. Thank you.
Did a load for them back in March and had to wait over 70 days to get paid and sent someone in to pick up the cheque as I felt they would never mail it.


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This post is to clarify a couple things:

1. Lorne Marcille is the only owner of Linehaul Logistics, as well various other businesses.
2. Linehaul Logistics is not in anyway affiliated with Linehaul Logistics in Montana.
3. Linehaul Logistics is well financed and backed.
4. Linehaul Logistics has a superior D&B score, well above industry standards.
5. Any issues with the carriers above were either service based or late delivery of POD's/Invoice.
6. There are references for anyone that requires from our numerous preferred carriers.

Thanks all
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What are LLI's payment terms? We were told that we would get our money as fast as we said it was posted on this website the last time we had money owing from them (from a post on this thread). Payment issues seem to be a trend based on this info?
Postal: L7E5S1
Tel: 905-663-2881
Fax: 905-663-2882
Average Days to Pay: 90

Brutal company!


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LLI does pay there bills but always 80 plus days and always with phone calls to a/p , I would think a company that is well financed and backed as they say they are would be 30 days without question,

I have done a couple of loads for LLI over the past 6 months, one of the loads was a very large dollar amount. I got paid in less than 50 days which really isn't bad these days! I dealt with Katherine, she treated us very well...no issues with them at all. I certainly did not get the feeling they had any financial issues at all. Brad, Seaside Transport.


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