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Having trouble collecting 1000$ from a July 9th invoice

Larway Transportation 85 Ellis Drive Barrie, Ontario L4N 8Z3

Anyone out there in similar predicament?
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Did a load last year as well , took many calls and quite a while but got paid what we asked for , this included considerable waiting time and freight growth!!
Chalked it up to discrepancy in load information.


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They were getting into the 70+ day mark with us so we stopped dealing with them.

Last contact I had for A/P was Lisa -

Try sending her an email - see what response you get. Be sure to mention your next call will be to their customer if you don't hear back from someone today.....
Add me to the disgruntled list for Larway Traffic Systems.

Invoice dated June 23, nearly 90 days old now.

Seems impossible to actually speak to somebody there about overdue freight bills...

I have left a voicemail for Cathy Lebatt who I am told is one of the owners. I told Cathy she can call us back or we can discuss the matter with her customers...
Well, I finally received payment for my June invoice... I only had to wait 100 days for my $1200...

Still waiting to hear back about my other invoice that is over 50 days that they promised to pay in 45 days...

Larway Traffic Systems is slow to pay and does not keep their commitments.


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