L.T.S. Transit ?

Guy My name is Rob Gavin 24 Old Onondaga Rd W Brantford On Never dealt with your POS company and after reading this thread myself and most REAL member wont. So you and your FAKE company and names piss off.

PS I think your a fucking idiot and should be banned from this site for being a jerk and causing shit for no reason.
You go Rob, if that's your real name.. LMFAO


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Oh come on Rob.........tell us how you really feel. Don't hold back buddy! Absolutely agree. Whoever/whatever this person or company is, they have guaranteed themselves an infamous position with the members of this site. There would be no load so hot nor trucks so scarce that would ever persuade me to even consider using their service. Great sales job Guy751!
Sorry, guys. I haven't been around for a while. I was dealing with some personal demons.
Anyway, after spending the time to read this thread from start to finish, I needed the laugh today.

That, Rob guy is hilarious. I just wish you would express your really truthful feelings on the matter.

The Guy751 is an idiot. I would think someone that is trying to solicit business in this industry would have at least an understanding of how to use spell-check.

His invoices must be a nightmare to translate.


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I can't understand why anyone is even replying to this loser. He's a fraudster and everyone knows that fraudsters get more and more aggressive whenever they are confronted and asked for legit info.
And PLEASE stop giving him your real names and addresses - he (or someone else working with him) will try to commit fraud using your info!
It's just like all those fake emails going around that tell us we have inherited millions of dollars from some king in some random african country! All they need is your bank account info to transfer the funds....


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Once again, I will speak only to inform another carrier like me. I am lucky to be close to this UPS Store and I went to verify by myself. it's really a shell. I am a resident of the city of Quebec and I also confirm that no carrier here has ever heard of this LTS Transit company. it is very difficult as a carrier to trust a broker and even more when it is operated by crooked people. do not touch it!


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Telling other members to be one gender or the other I feel has a negative impact on the prestige of the speaker (also I felt I lost brain cells reading the posts).

Keep well,
Folks BE Aware of LTS TRANSIT
Customers do not use LTS or you will in trouble later
Trucking companies do not use LTS otherwise you will never ever get paid we found something fishy about them
Not customer support not at all !!!
No physical address!!
Fake Advertisement on website not even one office in Canada somewhere no one knows
I did not get paid for my loads over 90 days
When we book loads with them maid legal agreement paid in 30 days still waiting for my money
Who knows what they going to plan may file bankruptcy keep everyone money
DNU them
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