L.T.S. Transit ?

Not an absolute DNU but we've been around 30 years in Quebec City and never heardof this company before also starting to receive these loads out of nowhere from them. I would not use. These 2 guys giving positive comments ....hum could be lts employees in my opinion.


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All i can say is be careful. They are the USHIP dummies ( Great Lakes- Holcon-Jens-Abacus-x5 - Tall Trees -LTS etc.) bidding freight for nothing. The only way they can move it at the rates they bid it for is to sell it for more than they get for it. One day their pyramids will come crashing down around their ears.


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A friend of mine wanted to ship a car to Vancouver, I gave him 3 names I was comfortable with but somehow they got hooked into these guys (I'm guessing they where cheaper). It has now become my problem to solve, luckily the carrier that actually has the car seems like stand up guys and yes I should have just done it myself in the first place.
Hello there.

Always good freight with this company.

2 transport for them in the 3 last month.

1 : It was a heavy machinery from Alberta to Manitoba.

2 : A LTL freight of 2 pallets from Saskatchewan to Montreal.

I have been paid in full after 25 days for the first load and after 34 days for the second load.

Everything is okay for me with them.


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