Keen Transport

DC, we have used them on 4 LTL consignments Domestic/USA in the past year. All delivered within acceptable range, albeit not great communication.
Contacts - Shaman; Tim 204-633-3963; Dalbir 204-943-5336


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Thanks Stressbeater. I did give them a try and will concur with your review. They do not like email updates and need prodding for information.


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We finally receive invoice from them for a shipment they did for us in December......they we nice enough to included the invoice from the carrier they brokered part of the movement to (MB to BC) on a IN to BC
Used them for a load, it was 4 days late. Communication was terrible - didn’t respond for 5 hours or answer my calls.
Would not use them again. DNU for me.

I’m positive the driver was not theirs who delivered the load either.


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