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KASS CARGO INT'L (Mississauga ON)

Discussion in 'Payment Terms/Credit History' started by KBCR, Sep 19, 2014.

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  1. missy_519

    missy_519 New Member

    Any updated info on these guys?
  2. KBCR

    KBCR Member

    Avg days to pay us hovers around 70. Have to stay on them regularly for payment.
  3. AccountsReceivable@DRC

    AccountsReceivable@DRC Moderator Staff Member

    I recall a post in the Shoutbox a few weeks back - can't remember which member posted in it. Something regarding Kass Cargo and having to 'hold' freight on them until payment was received. Does any member recall seeing this message?

    Anyone having problems with Kass and payments?
  4. The Capon

    The Capon Site Supporter

    I'm in Nova Scotia now and can enjoy a McLobster. NOT!!!!!!

    G-Town changed after they start expanding south of Hungry Hallow.

    Any one remember The Dog And Suds???
  5. EricG

    EricG Site Supporter

    Kings Pizza, a blast from the past... I was more of a House of Buddha person back in the day... Its been a while, last time I was in Georgetown there was still a big Black and White building, called Dominion Seed.... lol Its been a few years. I used to live in the rural area outside Erin area.
  6. The Capon

    The Capon Site Supporter

    I haven't lived in G-town for 30 years but I still remember Kings Pizza. Mmmmmmm!
  7. MikeJr

    MikeJr Moderator Staff Member

    I've not been to that part of G-town for a while I suppose despite it being 2 blocks from where I now sit. Thank you for advising that we have more competition in our backyard.

    More importantly - mmmmmmm Kings Pizza!

    Keep well,
    The Capon likes this.
  8. AccountsReceivable@DRC

    AccountsReceivable@DRC Moderator Staff Member

    Appreciate the follow ups - will see how this one plays out and I will update with another post.
  9. kooper123

    kooper123 New Member

    They is now in Georgetown....south west corner of highway 7 and Mountainview....right above Kings Pizza...and beside Corrections Canada Parole Office.....second floor big sign...cant miss it
  10. KBCR

    KBCR Member

    They run slow for us. Avg days to pay 77.
  11. AccountsReceivable@DRC

    AccountsReceivable@DRC Moderator Staff Member

    Does anyone have current payment trends on Kass Cargo Intl? Not getting a good feeling here with this account...

    Posts would be appreciated.
  12. FR8CHICK

    FR8CHICK Site Supporter

    I deal with Radley over there and have always collected. I usually have to email him to remind him, but we get paid. Normally about 50-60 days.

  13. kate2387

    kate2387 New Member

    Having a hard time collecting money from them.

    Anyone have any updated info on them?

  14. Watchdog

    Watchdog Member

    Company: KASS CARGO
    Address: 191 SUPERIOR BLVD
    Postal: L5T2L6
    Tel: 905-670-8046
    Fax: 905-670-9074
    Average Days to Pay: 59

    Last cheque was 47 days which I received last week.
  15. xwestcarriers

    xwestcarriers Site Supporter

    Does anyone have any updated information regarding this company?? Thanks!
  16. T800

    T800 Member

    Did 2 loads for Radley last June/July about $11,000.00 paid in 45 days. Best i can do for you.
  17. Ydron

    Ydron New Member

    Paying slow

    Radley started to pay slow and his credit is red on equifax. I've a outstanding invoice from Oct2010 with him.

    TRUCKMAN Member

    Has anyone extended credit recently to this outfit? If so, did they meet the payment terms? Any help will be appreciated.....thanks.

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