Don't accept anything from Kanwal!,
They promised check after check and never send anything
The staff in payable say they can't signed check even when they promised payment and there boss is always in meeting or on the phone (not even sure if he exist)
they own us more than 10k over 90days


Staff member
This certainly sounds frustrating.
If you want to help protect other carriers here, you should present the brokers company name, address and phone number. Is Kanwal a person or a company.

Hope this helps,
Kanwal is a company

Kanwal Inc.
1426 Industrial Boulevard
Magog, Qc, Canada
J1X 4V9

They are a direct client but lately we also received call from broker asking us to do kanwal load. I've warned as many carriers as i can
They did the same to us, ran up a balance quickly and then went silent. Promised payment but nothing ever came, always an excuse...poor cash flow due to changing banks, customer didn’t pay them... put them in collections it’s been over a year and we have not recovered all that was owed. It’s too bad we didn’t have a load in transit before we realized what was going to be the outcome. Do not deal with these crooks!


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