JSP Logistics Inc USDOT 2254024

they are probably the worst carrier I ever dealt with, they spoke nothing but lies, had 2 different people call as the same driver and on & on it went. At the end they asked me to trust them and then asked if I would call their customer as the boss of JSP and get the truck unloaded... I said bye bye and lost the load and I still feel much better off. In the end I'd shut down the business before booking them again.
NEVER AGAIN, LIES lies and more lies!

We waited 90 days and finally got a cheque as we had more freight to move and the cheque bounced!
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They just took our load to their yard and want a comcheck now or they will not deliver . Wow ! Stay away . This really bad outfit. Will see if they show up on Monday.
They finally showed up only after we called their insurance company. They where supposed to be paid COD once at our dock . Arrangement was to give a check to the driver . I actually believe they need money on the weekend for fuel or something and couldn’t wait till Monday for payment. That’s why they asked for money on Sunday. Only $1000 . So stupid.


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